Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jillian Michaels-Hard Body, Level 1

I bought this because one of my teacher friends had recommended it.  I usually go for a short run after a JM video, but to be truthful, I was really ready for a long nap and a bubble bath after this one.
This is a TOUGH exercise video, and be mindful of your body while working out.  I consider myself to be in shape, but after this DVD, I was in true pain.  Good luck!
Each short routine is about 1 minute in length.  I didn't time it because I just wanted to make sure I didn't die (snicker).
Jumping jacks

Backbends alternating with stepping back into planks

Twisting front kicks

Skater steps from chair pose
Full circuit (performed twice)
Circuit 1

Speed squats

Speed Pushups

Speedrope (I use 5 lb. weights)

Straight-legged situps alternating with supermans
Circuit 2
Rows alternating with bicep curls/lunges


Crunch with alternate leg lifts

Chest press/chest fly/tricep head banger in bridge position
Circuit 3

Calf raise and shoulder press in sumo squat position

Weighted burpees
 (I use 10 lb. weights)
Bicep curls in crescent pose, alternating with tricep kickbacks in warrior 3 pose
Circuit 4
Side lunges with rows, alternating with chair poses with front raises


Traveling pushups with lateral jumps (have mercy!!!)
Circuit 5

Plank row pushups with mountain climbers

Crab kicks (double-time for advanced)

Alternating lunges with a punch
Circuit 6
Surrenders with dolphin

Squat Spinners

Elbow side plank with elbow-to-elbow crunch

Lat pull with pelvic thrust (if you have any kind of rotator injury, be very careful...I speak from experience!)
Standing hamstring stretches

Chest and shoulder stretches

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