Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Lies, lies, everywhere there are lies....

There is a Sheriff's race in our wonderful county of Goochland. Three men are taking upon the task of running. While one has our full support, others in the race consistently continue to bully and manifest hatred in the community.

Last night we attended the National Night Out at the Goochland Courthouse area.  It was well-attended, had awesome food, music, and family entertainment for all.  Someone saw fit that on his political agenda (Levin White) to have his friend, Heather O'Brien, write a blog post demoralizing the event (click here), even saying that it was "not well-attended" and "there was no notification given" to community members.  I received an invite via Facebook and through the Sheriff's office months ago for this event, even responding to it immediately, for we knew our family wanted to attend.  The Goochland Gazette has been advertising for quite some time as well.  This post was obviously written to demoralize the work and effort of the Goochland Sheriff's department.  Here are some pictures of the real event:

Levin White endorsed this barrage of lies on his own Facebook page, and supports her obscene agenda.  It is no wonder this man "resigned" from his position at the state level for questionable circumstances.  It is also well known that he is currently threatening Goochland residents that speak contrarily against him (bring it on my friend) with cease and desist letters.  I know of several in the county that have received these at this point.  I hope I get one, to PDF, and share on every social media agenda that is available for me to post.  Then it will be placed under my cat's litter pan to catch her turds.  This individual has also been using bullying tactics at family doorsteps, telling them that it is his first amendment right to put a sign in their yard.  You sir, are a bully at your finest.
I am glad we have picked our candidate to endorse.  He is an outstanding young man, that will never stoop to the level of this inhumane individual.  Stop by some time Levin, I'll give you a bag of straws that you can draw one from.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Lancer Bound...

Many friends know that I'm a teacher in the county in which I live, but my passion is also to be an administrator which consists of being a principal or assistant principal of a school.  I'm beyond excited to begin this program in the fall.  Matthew and I took a road trip yesterday to Longwood University to visit the campus.  We had a good time and enjoyed visiting with old friends. We were so popular, we even made the front page of their website today!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Mini Vacay

I'll have more to post, but whoah, it sure is pretty here.

Hotel Roanoke!

Eye Roll

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Steven Creasey for Sheriff

There is a Sheriff's race in Goochland, and I got to do a little writing!

July 3, 2019 
To the Editor:

I have been a lifelong resident of Goochland County. I attended Randolph Elementary, Goochland Middle, and Goochland High School (Class of ‘88, Go Bulldogs!). I am proud to call Goochland County my home and gratefully serve the community in which I live. My family is also honored to live here, including our eleven year old son Matthew, who is an avid participant in the Boy Scouts, and other organizations throughout the division.

I remember fondly being a sixth grader at Randolph. At that time, sixth graders still attended school at the elementary level. Bus 8 took me on a long ride from Rochelle Road to my home school, but along the way, it picked up a sweet first grader, named Steven Creasey.

Steven Creasey has been a stable part of the Goochland community since his birth. Like myself, he has given back to the community in which he grew up, providing over two decades of his professional career to Goochland County. His commitment to all that live here is of the utmost in ethical and moral standards.

My son assisted with a Boy Scout dinner not so long ago. Steven and his wife were in attendance, and raffle tickets were bought by many of us to raise awareness and to give support to Troop 710. Steven won one of the raffles, and gave all of his winnings back to the scout troop to assist in their summer camps, their campouts, and their hikes. This is the most beautiful of sentiments by an unselfish man who wants to be an integral part of the leadership in Goochland County.

Other political candidates for this position have found bullying and childish antics to be more important than what the true reasoning is in this election. I thought these shenanigans were more appropriate for the preschool playground, and not in a community that you want to lead, or to support, or to love. Therefore, it is with great tenacity and with a bombastic voice that the Matejka family shouts from the roof our support for Steven Creasey for Sheriff. Won’t you join us?

Cynthia Charlton-Matejka 

Goochland Lifelong Resident 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

New toy

I sold my father's Nikon camera, and bought this baby.  Love it.
Pentax K70

Fluffy Cat