Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Being sick and pregnant sucks...

Well, last week was so much fun. I was in Roanoke at the Hotel Roanoke at the Department of Education's Technology Conference, both presenting and attending sessions. I had one of the newly renovated rooms on the third floor, with a king size bed all to myself and a huge flat screen television. It was a pregnant woman's heaven. I love my hubby, but it was nice to have a space to myself for a few days.

I must have enjoyed it too much for now I have a hideous sinus infection and feel like total crap! I got this from Mom, thanks Mom. She is sick and I took Sunday to spend some time with her and take her to a clinic close by to get her to feeling better. She is now on antibiotics, but I guess I was around her a little too much and caught it. Gross. Now watch, John will catch it and will want to take my meds, no way Jose!

As for baby Matthew, he seems to be doing okay. We are pretty sure that I have gestational diabetes. I went through another round of testing yesterday and should know something tomorrow morning when I go to see my OBGYN. This more than likely be controlled with diet, however, I feel as though my diet is pretty darn good right now and I exercise daily, so I bet you big bucks I am put on a diabetic medication. Oh well, it seems it comes with age, so many prayers for us. He's an active little sucker, I'm even getting kicked as I type this. God bless and will write more later :)
P.S. Should get an ultrasound tomorrow morning, so I'll post new pictures of the little guy.

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