Monday, December 17, 2007

What a Weekend...

Morning to all!

Just to brag a little, we now have only 8 weeks to go until this baby makes his debut and I can get my body back in shape. :) Oh, and only 56 days left! :)

Friday started off with our Christmas party here at PBS with my co-workers. We had the sneaky Santa gift exchange and I was able to snatch a teddy bear with 5 lottery tickets. John and I scratched the tickets and won $9 :) Hey, something is better than nothing. I got for my sneaky Santa a gift card to PetSmart. The individual who won it, kept it and didn't trade it. Don't blame them, you have pets, you can't beat a PetSmart gift card. We then had a Karaoke contest. Two people in our company did the B 52's Loveshack. I never laughed so hard in my life because the guy playing Fred Schneider had him pegged to a "t". I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. We then had our annual Christmas video and headed home. Neither John nor myself had had good days stomach wise. I think mine has been IBS due to the baby pushing on my colon, but John's was unexplainable.

Saturday I cleaned house all day. It looks so nice. It looked really good until John decided to wear his damn shoes in the house. That man will never learn! I am trying to get him trained especially since in about 8 weeks there will be another booger roaming the house.

Saturday night we met Missy, Mike and little Griffin at the Short Pump Applebee's for dinner. Conversation was great and we enjoyed the company. Poor Missy, you could tell she had, had a rough day. Hang in there gal, I'll say prayers for you. John is not always "up to par" when he has his migraines.

Last night we attended a church function that was a Christmas musical and dinner theater. It was really good, and the food was exceptional. It amazes me the talent that is in our church. I can't believe Christmas is next week. I have only a 3 day work week, woohoo! I finally got back into workout mode on Sunday, running and walking 4.55 miles. I needed it, but everyone keeps telling me how tiny I am, which concerns me. I head to the doctor Wednesday morning for an ultrasound to check on the little guy. Mom is going with me. He is so active. John talked to my belly before going to bed last night, and he kicked me until after midnight! Can you say "Ambien" night? :)

Love to all of you. Find a picture of our visitor on Saturday at our house. He decided to perch upon our shed and scope our yard, and I'm all but too sure for a meal!

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Missy's Blog said...

Only 8 weeks to go ... oh my goodness ... that's just right around the corner. Remember, next weekend is "Nursery" weekend.

We enjoyed seeing you guys on Saturday night. Next time I just hope that I'm better company.

Love the picture of the owl ... it's so cool!