Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jillian Michaels-Killer Buns and Thighs

Holy cow….Jillian knows how to make you burn it up with this video.  I consider myself to be one who is pretty tough in the workout territory, but my legs and behind were on fire for two days after this workout.  I usually incorporate this in the morning with Killer Abs Level 1 (yet to be reviewed). 

The burn on this bad boy equals about 310 calories.  I weigh about 141, for those of you who may be trying to figure this out.  It also burns approximately 7 WW points. I log it as circuit training and DO include the warm-up, but not the cool down.

Level 1 Workout (40:52 min.): uses dumbbells & mat

This time includes the cool down, which I usually skip, so generally, my log is 37 minutes because I usually jump right into Killer Abs.

Jump rope (I use 5 lb weights)

·       Deep lunge: start in plank position, alternate rear lunge (hands stay on floor).

·       Side lunge: alternating static lunge

·       Military march: leg lift to front with opposite arm extension to front, alternating sides.

·       Pivot & crescent pose: start in lunge position (back leg straight) with arms extended (one in front/opposite side as leg in front, one in back), facing the side then hop & pivot to face other side in lunge position, alternating sides (watch your balance on these, I am still faltering).

Repeat once

Circuit 1

·        Lunge & Squat combo: step into forward lunge, same leg steps out to side for squat.

·        Static sumo squat: from lowered position of squat, elevate heels.

·        Sumo squat hops

·        Chair pose: in chair pose, lift one foot off floor, and hold (again, be careful with balance)

·        Stiff Leg Deadlift using weights (I use 10 lb)

Repeat once (Lunge & squat and Chair pose, start w/ other leg).

Circuit 2

·        Butt Kickers: fast pace

·       Judo Bridge: hip raise with single arm reach to other side (on diagonal), alternating sides (for arms).

·       Mountain climbers on the floor

·       Swimmers-opposite arm & leg lift: start in prone position (face down) & alternate sides

·      Alternate plank position & jump into squat (pray on these)

Repeat once

Circuit 3

·      Fire hydrant (bent knee lift to side)

·      Donkey kick: bent or straight leg (advanced version) lift to back.

·      Side Plank: static hold with body & top leg, bottom leg lifts with flexed foot (be careful with balancing…these are tough!)

·      Leg lifts: start in side-lying position (bottom arm bent, bottom leg straight), the top leg is extended to front with flexed foot and leg lifts)

·      Hamstring curls: in plank position, lift bent leg to cross over other, reverse motion

Repeat once (start exercises with other leg leading).

Circuit 4

·      Front kick (knee lift), back kick: same leg kicks in both directions

·      Deep lunge into Warrior 3: start in lowered position of lunge, lift body up into Warrior 3 pose (rear leg extended, arms extended to front).

·      Squat with kicks (in 3 directions): squat, front kick, squat, side kick, squat, rear kick.

·      High Knees: fast pace (I hold 5 lb. weights)

·      Pendulum Curtsey (lunges): start with wide stance of legs, one leg crosses in front of other for curtsey lunge, then reverse motion (I hold 10 lb. weight)
Repeat once (start exercises with other leg leading)


Now go have a glass of wine for succeeding in surviving this one!

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