Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review of Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

I joined Weight Watchers four years ago, and have been an active member since.  I love their program and while we were/are trying to raise our little dude, trying to find time to incorporate a workout has not always been conducive to our schedule. I have a treadmill, and am an avid runner, but you need to change things up a bit in order to tone other parts of your body. 

I found out about Jillian Michaels through a mutual Weight Watchers friend.  I own ALL of her videos, except those dealing with yoga (not a fan). They are not expensive and range anywhere from $7 to $10 per DVD. If you want true torture, try Bob Harper’s videos…eek. 

Anyway, I thought I would do a Jillian Michaels overview weekly of one of her videos. Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is tough, but one of my favorites.  As a teacher, finding time to do anything is difficult.  However, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I hike it out of bed at 5:25, and am cursing at this woman by 5:40 a.m.  I have to say, it is a great feeling to know that I am done for the day.  I add weights to put an extra punch into the workout.  If you do not use weights, you can burn between 400 and 500 calories.  With weights, the burn amps up closer to 600 calories. Wear a heart rate monitor for a true reading.

Here is an overview of her seven circuit DVD.

Warm up: Arm circles, Toe touches, Arm swings, Jogging. Repeat.

Circuit One (Kickboxing): Squatting side kicks on right side, Alternating punches while squatting (use 5 lb. weights), Squatting side kicks on left side, Jab-cross-hook-elbow boxing move (use 5 lb. weights), Alternating front kicks. Repeat.

Circuit Two: Burpies (drop to plank position and jump up), Plie hops, Punch-hop combination (use 5 lb. weights), 180-degree jumps, Single-leg hops. Repeat. This circuit is tough, but six is worse!

Circuit Three (Old school Calisthenics): Butt kicks (jogging with heels hitting glutes, use 5 lb. weights), High knees (jogging with knees high in front of body), Jumping jacks, Oblique crunches on right side (use 5 lb. weights), Oblique crunches on left side (use 5 lb. weights). Repeat.

Circuit Four (Floor work): Mountain climbers (striding while in plank position), Supermans (lay face down on floor and lift chest and thighs simultaneously), Pike crunches, Oblique twists, Walking plank. Repeat.

Circuit Five (Kickboxing): Swing kicks, Uppercuts (upward punches while squatting, use 5 lb. weights), Back kicks, Jab-cross punches while squatting (use 5 lb. weights), Knee crunches. Repeat.

Circuit Six: Jump squats, Cross-country skiing, Scissor kicks, Side skaters, Standing mountain climbers. Repeat. (Please note the music in the background is from Friday the 13th….symbolic?)

Circuit Seven: Mobiles (twisting jumps), Standing pikes (standing abdominal crunch), Knee crunches on the right side, Knee crunches on the left side, Jump rope (use 5 lb. weights). Repeat.

Stretch: Lasts about five minutes.

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