Monday, October 4, 2010

Mom and a few other things...

Since posting last week about mom on f-book, and asking for prayers, I figured I'd fill you all in on everything that is taking place right now.

Four years ago when I got married, mom was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic. It seems that the meds that the doctor put her on, and let's say it is her primary care physician, NOT an endocrinologist (and a quack in my book...can't stand him), she has been ill. She has her good days, and her bad days, but recently, there have been more bad than good. In two weeks she has lost 13 lbs. All I can say is, to see her feel bad, and to hear her cry on the phone at how nauseous she is, has broken my heart.

She finally got an appointment with a gastroenterologist last week. She told him about her symptoms, the correlation to the diabetic medicine, however, he's just not quite sure what's going on. She will have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy next Monday. I have the day off to get Matthew to school and then be at the hospital (Henrico Doctors) for her procedure. If these two tests show nothing, she will undergo a CT Scan. She's freaking out. She seems to believe that she now has cancer because they may do a CT Scan. I told her it was a test, and nothing more to get to the root of the issue. I also have had a friend talk to her who has had some issues and I swear, it seems a lot like her gall bladder may be malfunctioning, but it all remains to be seen and heard. Please pray for my mom! My friends and their support really do mean a lot to us.... She also has an appointment with an endocrinologist at the end of the month, yay!

On a happier note, I have had a fantastic super weekend with my boy. John went out of town to a motorcycle conference and Matthew and I held down the fort. Matthew even was good for me to exercise. We road the choo choo at Short Pump, did some shopping at Kohl's ($80 worth of clothes for $27!), ate lunch at McDonald's, and spent time with my folks at their house. We had even more fun helping mom and dad close their pool for the summer. Matthew was cute with the pool cover, trying to unfold it and saying, "I help!" I am so blessed.

Friday night I went to the Paula Deen show at the Landmark Theater. I took Christi, my neighbor, friend, and Matthew's babysitter for a couple of days per week. Her husband is minister at a local church in Goochland. I really truly could not ask for better people next door to us! I'd like to say we both love Paula Deen, but it truly didn't turn out to be what I thought it would be, she ran her mouth more than showing how to cook anything. I will say that Christi and I did laugh our butts off at her, her southern drawl and stories were a hoot. Her husband had us both in stitches pretty frequently as well. And the suckers who had front row seats and got to taste the two dishes, you suck. She, well her assistant chef, made Chocolate Cobbler and Pork Tenderloin with a cherry sauce. And no complaints, my tickets were FREE, it's nice to work for a TV station!

Mom and I had the fun time yesterday of meeting and working with Mr. Steve from National PBS. Any of you people who have kids and watch PBS, know who Mr. Steve is. He sings, he dances, and writes crazy songs for the kids to sing along with. Mr. Matthew would adventure out of my lap some during the event, and dance a jig, and then run back to sit in my lap. I have to say, it's an event I'll never forget, and I have an autographed postcard to remember. I was the staff photographer, and took a little over a hundred pics for it. Good times, and mom and I ate a club sandwich (10 freaking Weight Watcher points....but hey, I ran 7 1/4 miles before we went) at The Nook, a restaurant on the downtown mall. Yum! And thank God, mom got her mind off all this stuff, and has had two really good days, of feeling good and wanting to eat. She has now gained back 2 lbs. Thank God for the little prayers.

God bless all of you and have a super week. I'll keep you posted about mom after all the tests next week.

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