Monday, October 18, 2010


Woohoo, my favorite holiday of the year is almost here! Of course, we're broke, so I have only a pumpkin and a flag out front to display our ghostly celebration. I hate to rush time, but will be glad when our little munchkin starts school, life will not be as hectic financially :) I am hitting the after Halloween sales like a mad woman (along with every other woman in Richmond!).

John and I have now made it four years. It's hard to believe that I married my best "buddy" 4 years ago. We've had many good times, but many hard times as well. Being married is hard enough, but when you throw a baby into the mix of being a newlywed, it can make things rather difficult. There are days I look back at nursing for a year, being a wife, a full-time working mom, and a fitness guru, and truly wonder how I got all of it done? I know my husband is a huge backbone of support (most of the time..) so I am blessed. Thank God for wonderful blessings....

Onto other matters, it's official, I am now a runner in the OBX half marathon in April. Here's praying there's no rain and I can make the whole 13 miles. I kicked butt on 7 miles on Saturday and did 6.2 yesterday. Mile #4 yesterday gave me some problems, so don't know if it was the road (I took a new course yesterday), or me being winded from this head cold. My parents live close to the West Creek office park, 3.1 miles down, and 3.1 miles back. It is a beautiful run there, two lakes and a lot of forestry. I love it and hope to do it more often. I did have my mace ready in case someone tried to cause trouble, but there were plenty of people there riding bikes, and running, so I felt, for the most part, safe.

Saturday, our plan for our anniversary, was to go to Ashland Berry Farm and to eat at Trackside Grill in Ashland (duh). Ashland Berry Farm was a madhouse! We finally got to the farm and we did the Boo house, and were going to purchase a pumpkin there, but they were too expensive. So, we went to the Ashland Wal-Mart and got our pumpkin for $3.99 and Matthew's Halloween costume, can you guess what he'll be?

We also ate a great dinner at the Trackside Grill, for under $20. John got the steak sandwich and I got a salad with sirloin on it. They fixed it specifically for me, I asked for no blue cheese, and got regular cheese substituted. Since I ran 7 miles that morning, I thought I deserved it (and still stayed under my WW points!). We managed to see one "choo choo" come through Ashland, so I think we'll revisit there. Matthew loved watching the one train that we saw, and of course, when we got to Wal-Mart we heard another one come through (dang!). We had a pretty awesome day except for John's GPS being stupid and taking me all over Ashland, when we really were right next to the restaurant....score one for momma for stopping to ask for directions, something John would never do.

Blessings for a great week peeps.

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