Monday, June 14, 2010

Nags Head Reflections...

Well, I can't believe the week I have waited for has come and gone . I am so depressed being back at work. I would seriously consider packing it all up just to be there all the time (except during hurricanes!). Seriously, could it get any more beautiful? This was taken off our back deck at sunset down at the beach!

We arrived at the OBX 3 hours later than expected thanks to three wrecks while en route. We took two cars for John had to attend a conference in Colorado and would be leaving our vacation a couple of days early. We got caught in two wrecks within one mile of each other around the Williamsburg area. I couldn't believe we were stuck in traffic that early on in the trip. We arrived in Nags Head around 6 p.m. We got our keys to our cottage and off we went. You can see our cottage here.

Wonderful week weather-wise. Sunday was pretty hot and
humid, and we ventured to the beach. Matthew was loving the ocean at first, John put him in a floating boat, and a wave crashed on him, and that did it. The kid wanted nothing more to do with the ocean. So thankfully, we stayed at a community property which had access to the Village Beach Club. Matthew absolutely loved the kiddie pool, so we spent a great deal of our week there. We met a lot of truly nice people and moms. We also met "Zoe", which Matthew took to like glue. She looked at me, 4 years of age, and asked, "Is he yours?" My response, "Why yes he is." Her reply, "He's super handsome!" We all cracked up! I swear, Matthew would have stayed there until midnight playing with that little girl! It was precious!

While John was still there, we visited the NC Aquarium. Matthew freaking loved that place, especially the stingrays! Most everything was "hands-on" so he could really get to play with the different animals more readily. It was a super visit, and then we did the pool again on this date.

On Tuesday, we ventured to Roanoke Festival Park to walk around Manteo a little, and then did the Elizabeth II, plus the settlement area to revisit history. We also went to the touch museum there where Matthew could do a little adventuring on his own. He had a blast!

Overall, it was a great family vacation and went by way too quickly, here's hoping we get back to the OBX soon! It's calling!


scissorbill said...

Sounds like fun! I've never been there but it's on my list.

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Love you blog! I found it on the Weight Watchers Message Boards.

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