Monday, July 19, 2010

Back from hiatus...

I've been MIA, my apologies.

Since Nags Head, we've been super busy. Matthew did Vacation Bible School at our church, it was a huge hit. He actually slept really well for a week...yay. We've been going to the Goochland Y's pool frequently as well. On July 4th holiday, we all came down with the summer colds, no fun. Matthew got his first ear infection ever. For being two and half years of age, that's pretty darn good. After a round of antibiotics, he's now on the mend...although his tummy did not like them one bit! Lots of poopy diapers :(

We haven't done anything real exciting, been involved in some church stuff. Despite being sick, I have been religious with my Weight Watchers regimen and exercising. I think I'm going to do the OBX half marathon in April 2011. I am healthy, but this is a bucket wish list thing to do, and I'm determined to do it! I told hubby he can come and we have have a weekend getaway or he can stay home and it will be a mom getaway, whichever :) We'll see if I can make it 13 1/2 miles through it. I know I can run 8, but that much will remain to be seen :)

Hope all of you have a terrific week and will definitely have more to talk about next week
God bless.
P.S. Vacation Bible School pics!

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