Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another day....

It seems that these Saturday swim lessons are getting to be a little harder all the time. This past week Matthew did well, especially with the boat safety learning skills, etc, but the week before, hello to terrible two tantrums, in front of other parents to say the least. I got him in the corner and asked him if he needed a swat on the butt, it seemed to straighten itself out.

We have done a lot of grocery shopping the past two weeks, have survived an ear infection, and been to a birthday party for my cousin. My cousin Steve turned the big 40 last week and we went to a surprise party for him in 105 degree heat. Thank goodness they moved the party indoors and we relaxed with the ceiling fans and air conditioning. A pig was slaughtered for the feast and everyone made something yummy. So as for Weight Watchers, it kissed my ass on Saturday. We enjoyed our time together as a family, and John even came to be with our family. John can be really stubborn about being involved with family events, but he did good on Saturday. Thank God, or it could lead to real problems for us as a family.

As stated, Matthew learned about boat safety at his swim lessons at the Y, he was super cute! After lessons, we played in the kiddie pool, and headed home where momma ( went for a 6 mile run and we got ready to head to Madison. My good ole Ford Escape handled the ride in 104 degree heat, and she now has 102,000 miles on her. I drove her to work today as well. We're looking at new cars, Nissan Rogue and another Ford Escape being our choices. My Escape has been awesome in the snow with the 4X4, so it really has me wanting another one. I will keep the Toyota Matrix as my primary vehicle for travel to and from work for now. I hate that car, and it's not conducive to having a family, but you do what you have to do in paying off that debt.

Here are some pics from the weekend. I'm truly blessed!

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