Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, it seems our lives are "back on track" after illness, again in the family.

Matthew had a virus...fifth disease, it wasn't as bad as some of the other viruses he has had, but it was bad enough.

I was off on Friday and cleaned our house from head to toe, it looks great! I want a clean home to come home to when we return from the beach. Here's hoping that John's early return will keep it that way.

Saturday was just a relaxed day at the house in the morning. I did Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism video while Matthew was an angel and watched Toy Story 2 so I could get my workout in. He did, however, bug me regularly for a "chew" (graham cracker), so I had to pause the video to get him a snack. My goal this week is to workout every night this week so I can relax on Saturday when we travel to Nags Head. We have swim lessons at the YMCA that morning (parent/child) for Matthew. We're trying to teach him to love the water, but to respect the water as well. Anyway, off topic...

We packed it up and headed down to Maw Maw and Pop's to pick up my mom to head to Sesame Street Live at the Landmark Theater. It was super and Matthew loved it. Granted, after 45 minutes and a 15 minute intermission, he wasn't too keen to watch the rest of the show, but he toughed it out. We headed to Martin's after, and did some grocery shopping for Sunday evening dinner with my folks.....$143 worth, eek! Matthew was beat, but evidently did not have a good sleeping night, but oh well, that's the way it goes.

Sunday was busy as well. I went for a 40 minute run and washed both my cars...only to have it rain later in the day. Mom and Dad came up for steak dinner and we had a blast. Matthew was so excited to have them there and brought every toy he owns to my mom to play with her. It was quite adorable! He was so wound up from the night, that he did not sleep well, which is typical. Here's hoping now that all of his teeth are in, that we will see an improvement.

I am all but too excited to leave on Saturday for the OBX! I have not been in 10 years, we have not had a family vacation since our honeymoon, so we are pretty excited about getting away. My dad was bitten by a brown recluse spider the other day and my aunt is sick with double pneumonia. I'm just hoping this all passes before we leave and my family stays safe.

Please keep us in your prayers as we journey on our way to Nags Head, we definitely need this vacation for it's one year ago that Matthew was in the hospital, so we'd rather forget that whole incident. May God bless everyone this week!

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