Monday, May 3, 2010

Out with the Old....

It's been a rather hectic weekend, and I thank God every day for a great babysitter! I was off this past Friday and had been planning a renovation of our guest bedroom, painting and all, but finding the time and money was more trouble than it was worth. I asked hubby if I could take $100 of our tax return money to completely revamp the guest bedroom, so Friday was the day.

Matthew was not happy about it either, I don't know if he knew I had the day off because I was in shorts and a t-shirt, but he cried and fussed when I dropped him off at the sitter's, but I knew he'd "get over it." Painting the bedroom is no big deal, I actually enjoy painting, so once the taping and trim are done, let's have at the rolling, and really, it took 30 minutes to roll the room, piece of cake. Moving the bed by myself, was no easy task on the other hand. I actually pulled a stomach muscle, but I was feeling fine by Sunday.

After completing the guest bedroom, I then began working on Matthew's room, taking down all the Winnie the Pooh attire (sniff..sniff) and replacing it with a Cars themed room. It's cute, and unfortunately, I haven't taken pictures of it yet. Yesterday, I bought some generic car stickers from Target to put around the border of the room. We also converted Matthew's bed to a toddler bed, and needless to say, it was not an easy night. He slept great until around 1:30 and then all hell broke loose, but we'll keep trying and trying until the task is done right.

After completing the task of all this stuff, John came home, sick with the stomach flu AGAIN. We have now had this stuff hit our family 3 times, enough already!!! I was able, so far, to keep Matthew and I healthy. We have not caught it yet, and John was back to his old self yesterday, so short-lived, but really took the wind out of his sails for a day. If we get sick before Nags Head, well, let's hope not.

I picked Matthew up and we headed to Martin's at Short Pump to see Kevin Harvick's race car (my favorite driver), and Matthew was more than thrilled. We took a hike over to Target, where I got a new bathing suit and some workout attire. Come on beach!!!

Saturday we went to the Goochland Spring Festival. It was a beautiful day, and this is formerly known as Goochland Day. Matthew had a ball, John was out on his bike with the Second Baptist crew, despite feeling ill, he enjoyed the ride.We headed home around 12:30, Matthew fell asleep in the car and I put him on the sofa after we got home, he took a good nap. We ate lunch and headed to Maw Maw's and the grocery store for a little fun.

Typical, Red Lobster, and home. I did clean out the SUV, vacuumed and washed it. John drove it back in February and it was filthy inside, so it was nice to get it looking like a car again. :) Hope all of you have a great week!

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The Newsham's said...

The make over in the guest bedroom looks great!

Jennifer in TX