Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

It was kind of a hectic weekend! Oh how plans fall by the wayside when a child is sick....

Anyway, Friday and Saturday were not a wash-out. Friday I worked, and went for a run after getting home. John called during his lunch hour on Friday to inform me that he had bought Matthew a trike (oh goodie).

Saturday I cleaned house, 2 1/2 weeks past due, it was so needing it. Matthew was a real trooper and did his part in being a good boy while I did my job. There's something to be said about a clean house....relaxing and satisfying. I got Matthew down for a nap and then did Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. I did levels 3 and 1, and whoa, my arms were on fire! She's tough, but I know that I've worked out hard after enduring her torture. My abs are starting to look hot, lol!

I made John do a little babysitting and went to the ugly Goochland Food Lion...ick! I hate that store. If I had had more time, Wal-Mart at Zions Crossroad would have been the store of choice. After unpacking $100 worth of groceries, we packed up the SUV and headed to Short Pump Towne Center.

The ONLY thing I wanted for Mother's Day was to go to Short Pump and eat in the food court and take Matthew on the Short Pump Express. John complied, although not real happily at first. I really don't understand the whole marriage thing at times when you're to be partners and do things as a family. Sometimes the lack of enthusiasm from both parties makes me question a lot about relationships. I just try to pray about it, and move on.

We really enjoyed our time there and Matthew was thrilled to ride the train yet again. We ate in the food court there and got Matthew's favorite slice of pizza, however, I'm not sure if it was the pizza or the two containers of vanilla pudding he ate when he got home, but Sunday early morning was no fun.

John watched him that night so I could get some rest, and Matthew's stomach cramps evidently began around 11 and the pooping began at 3:30 a.m. Everything ceased by 7 a.m., but to just to be on the safe side, we skipped church and our outing to Calabash Seafood, just in case Matthew had another virus. Obviously, it was just an upset tummy, but again, I'm really over the whole being "sick" thing. Needless to say, everything passed (literally), and life has moved on.

Our boy took a 3 hour nap yesterday which allowed me to try Jillian's video entitled "Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism." Granted, I'm a runner, and a good runner, but she kicked my butt. I am still sore just sitting here in my office. It's all cardio, with a lot of kick boxing moves, and I know I got a good workout. This will be a good one for the beach.

Hope all of you have a great week!

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