Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mud Be Gone!

We had a really exciting weekend this past weekend. On Friday we had a new driveway put in, thank you dear Lord! Due to the snow, the hill that we are on, and other circumstances, our driveway had become a mud pit! So, on Friday, the big trucks showed up and we got a new driveway!



It was a day filled with trucks and bulldozers and my little boy was thrilled. Matthew and Pop hung out on the front porch watching a lot of the action. I actually really enjoyed the time with my dad, and we went to lunch at the White Hawk Music Cafe. Matthew thinks his Pop walks on water anyway, so it was all in good fun. Matthew also had a really good time watching the dump trucks bring in all the materials, so here are a few more pics of the action.

Matthew and Pop

Thank you R. Williams Paving for making our lives much easier.

On another note, yours truly will turn 40 this week. It's hard to believe that I've hit this milestone. I'm happy to have lived this long, I'm filled with glee that I'm married to a wonderful man (most of the time), and to have the cutest and most wonderful little boy in the world (for now...at least until he hits the teen years). Thank you God for letting me be here for this long and thank you for blessing my life with wonderful friends and family!!!

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