Monday, January 25, 2010

Almost Two!

Hard to believe that my little guy will be two in less than two weeks. Holy smokes, where has the time gone? I want to extend a mutual birthday shout out to Griffin and Summit, they all share the same birthday and live in Goochland too! Woohoo!

As for us, we're having a small ice cream and birthday cake celebration at our church on his birthday. We've invited family and a select few people, so we'll see how that all goes. We have moochers at our church, I can name them on one hand. It's sad really, their kids are as bad as they are and I label them freeloaders. I double dare them to set foot into our son's birthday activities. I just think it's sad that supposed Christians act this way. This is a soapbox I really don't want to have to get on, BUT, there have been events at our church for senior citizens and for other activities, and their kids are eating the food. They are obese, the whole family, and I guess gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins, for they fit the bill. John knows that I will totally lose it if they decide to stick their heads into his party, I will let nothing ruin Matthew's day. I thank God that our church is allowing us to use their facility for the purpose of celebrating this little guy's life (Thomas the Train style!).

As for us, we're doing well. John celebrated his 46th birthday....old man! We did absolutely nothing. We had a spat, but we're okay. Typical of me on a Saturday, I need to decompress and just too many people in the house. EEK.

I have a doctor's appointment today. I have been having headaches, I have no doubt it's Ambien related, but will talk to the doctor to find out. If she wants me to have a CT Scan, I will totally freak out, so prayers please.

I'm off, I'll write more later. Here's the pic we used for Matthew's birthday invites. Cute eh? Wonder who the great photographer was? :)

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