Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday has come and gone....

So our boy turned two last Sunday. A cake was bought, invites were sent out, and nobody showed, including us. Gotta love the snow. The beautiful Thomas the Train cake Ukrop's made, is now in the freezer awaiting Wednesday night dinner at our church. My intentions were to take it last Wednesday, but we got snowed out last Wednesday as well. I actually stayed home last Wednesday. John called to say the roads were treacherous, especially I-64, so I chose to be with the little guy all day. I have to say, I think he has gotten attached to his momma within the past two weeks, with him being sick and the snow, we've had a lot of together time. He's been a ton of fun though, although he can be frustrating, I've really enjoyed my time with him.

Funny story, Matthew was running around with his push car, and I heard all action stop in the laundry room. On my adventure to find out what "trouble" the little guy was into, I rounded the corner to discover Matthew had piled all of the dirty clothes I had on the floor to be washed onto his car. I cracked totally up and if my camera had been charged, (I know, horrible photographer...!), I would have so gotten a picture of it. I suspect that the event will take place again in the near future.

Sunday I went for a run and enjoyed 65 minutes of "me" time while I watched Ocean's Twelve, a great movie with some nice looking guys. I also received a dozen red roses from the hubby. We went with my parents out to dinner at Lonestar and enjoyed their company. Most two-year-old little boys are a pain in the neck at the grocery store, or even restaurants. I have to give huge kudos to our little guy who does great with toys while waiting for us to eat or even grocery shopping. I don't know if this comes from me taking him out at such an early age and getting him acclimated to those situations or what, but he's a super trooper....and I hope it lasts.

Prayers for my mom, her diabetes (type 2) has really been wreaking havoc on her system. I do believe this is mostly due to her medication, but we're waiting to find out. Hopefully we can get this all "in check" soon, I hate to see her feeling bad.

Hope all of you have a blessed week!

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