Monday, October 5, 2009

Horrid week...

Well let's just say last week sucked big time. Meetings, friends suffering from illness, and the death of a baby from SIDS smacked me in the head throughout the week. The SIDS baby was that of a former yearbook student, and even though we have not kept in touch, my heart truly aches for her and her husband. Just a shitty week (pardon my French). And I typically, and still do, hate meetings. I would much rather beat my head against a brick wall than be subjected to them. Remember the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons, that's all I hear when in a meeting, yuck! I will say, my two friends who thought something horrible was/is wrong with them, are going to be just fine. No real issues to deal with, minor ones that can be solved rather easily.

Friday was my flex day off, and after doing some things around the house, Matthew took a trip to "maw maw's house". I enjoyed, believe it or not, of cleaning, running on the treadmill and getting a few errands done. I picked Matthew up and we tore up Food Lion getting meals ready for the week.

Enough about the week, let's chat about the weekend, which was rather dull and boring. Matthew and I did some romping and playing Saturday morning. I actually took him outside for a walk, and we had some fun. I have to pick him up sometimes when we are walking due to the fact that traffic has gotten rather hectic in our neighborhood. In fact, I've been on the phone with VDOT trying to get a sign put up that says, SLOW, Children Playing, but still hasn't happened yet. I will be calling again here shortly...

Matthew finally conked out after lunch, and took his nap. I hit the treadmill and did a whopping 7 miles. I've never run that much before. I set the treadmill for a run/jog status, so I jog for a minute and a half and then run for 30 seconds. I ran every time it hit 30 seconds for 8.5 mph. I was even impressed with myself. I did it again this morning. I only knocked out 6.6 miles due to timing factors. I am however, SORE today. Tomorrow morning will be a walking morning, dependent upon how the boy sleeps.

Sunday I attended church with Matthew. John chose to stay home. We came immediately home after church, ate lunch, and then John gave me some free time. I went to the Goochland Y for some I-pod time and reflections on the week. I think I've learned to make better choices for both me and my family.

Next week, John and I will celebrate 3 years of marriage. This is truly hard to believe, time has gone by rather quickly. We went from being newlyweds, to parents in a matter of very little time. We've done well so far, and there have been quite a few bumps in the road, but I know that our trust in God will see us through all of this.

Okay, hold on to your hat, Matthew ate pizza last night! We've been having texture issues with him and this is a HUGE step in the right direction. YAY.

Praise God for all your blessings. Love to all of you!

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Missy's Blog said...

Sorry you had such a crapola week ... hoping this will be a better week for you.

Loosing a baby ... I just can't even imagine the pain. So sorry for your friends.

Do you live on a private road? If so, your home owner's association (if you have one) may be responsible for putting up the sign you mentioned. As a private neighborhood we had to purchase both the "Children At Play" and even the speed limit ourselves AND put them up. Just FYI.

Wishing you a GREAT week!