Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So this is getting old....

Another 4 day weekend BLOWN because our little guy got sick.

Matthew fell asleep Wednesday morning beside me while I was running on the treadmill. When I got finished showering and getting dressed, I picked him up to change his clothes, and he felt a little warm. His temperature was 101.4. I gave him some Tylenol, shrugged it off to teeth and dropped him off at mom's house. Mom called to let me know that he was playing and fine, but out of motherly instinct, I went ahead and called his pediatrician and made an appointment for him that afternoon. Glad that I did, for mom called and took an ancillary (under the arm) temperature of 102.4. When I got him to the pediatrician, his temperature was 103.6. I lost it, right there in the doctor's office. I sobbed uncontrollably, which didn't help Matthew's disposition at all. It made him feel even worse and he cried just as hard as I did.

Why all the crying? My biggest fear was another febrile seizure and another hospital visit. Dr. Curry ensured that if I followed his regimen for this nasty virus Matthew had, he would be fine. So, we started Tylenol and Motrin alternations every 4 hours. The Motrin tore his little tummy up, so then we had diarrhea to deal with on top of everything else. Wednesday night was insane. I kept Matthew in the spare bedroom and portable crib beside the bed. I woke him up every 4 hours to get meds in him, and it was not a bad night, his fever was still around 102 the next morning, but nothing like it WAS. John stayed home and took over, and I went to bed, literally from 8 until 2 in the afternoon. When I got up, Matthew was looking better, and I took it upon myself to clean the upstairs to the house. :) Gotta make hay while you can, ya know?

Thursday and Friday nights, Matthew's fever rocked way up, well over 104. I gave him Motrin and patted him down with cold compresses. He screamed, and hated every minute of it. It took an hour and a half for the meds to kick in. When he was finally cool to the touch, I put him in the playard and got some rest myself. I was glad to see Sunday arrive, and a much lower fever. Truly, his fever was gone on Labor Day. Sunday evening, John and I put him in the stroller just so we could get him out of the house and get some fresh air.

Matthew turned 19 months yesterday, and it's really hard to believe. He's growing up, literally, he's about 32 inches tall. He starts daycare at our church one day a week next week, and I can't wait to see how he does. He is CLINGY, extremely, I can't even leave one room in the house without him going beserk on me. I've done my own research, totally normal for a toddler, I just hope he finds his independence sooner rather than later.

I did take Matthew shopping yesterday at Kohl's, and surprisingly, he did very well. I got him two new pairs of pants, and 4 shirts for $35 (thanks Grandma!). I can't wait to try him out in them. May all of you have a blessed week.

If you've been keeping up with me on FBook, you know I've been praying for Steve Damm, he lost his battle with brain cancer on Monday morning. Continue to pray for them, he has two young children that are going to have to learn to deal with their loss.

On a happier note, here's Matthew on the day he was born!

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