Monday, September 14, 2009

Low-Key Weekend.....FINALLY!

So, all of us are well for a change. Besides Matthew's runny nose from cutting his canines, we're good! YAY!

Short week last week, but a busy one. Ah, a big kudos to moi, 2 weeks down of Weight Watchers, and I'm down 8 lbs. I weigh in again tomorrow, so hopefully good news will continue. One wonders, reduced-fat wheat thins have been extremely hard to resist. Ok, back on topic....

Saturday we hung out the house most of the day. I took Matthew on a walk in our neighborhood after breakfast. We also did the proverbial Food Lion visit. I totally hate that store. They never have anything that I need and their prices are ridiculous. At least on my flex-Fridays off, I go to Wal-Mart. One stop shopping is my kind of deal, and I usually save at least $50 on my purchases. I like them too because they have the Weight Watcher snacks there, the brownies are out of this world!

Like I said, we went for a long walk, ate lunch, and Matthew became the toddler from hell. Whiny, crying, pinching little turkey was what he was. I put him in the playard and changed clothes to go for my daily run. He took a good 2 hour nap. YAY for naps, they make life easier and I got a good 5 mile walk/run in.

Sunday, Matthew attended Sunday School for the first time. This picture above is him playing with Play-Doh in his class. He totally loves his teacher, which is great for he starts child care at our church this week. I hope he acclimates well to his new surroundings. I'm excited for him, have checked the calendar with what the teacher has scheduled and he's actually painting an apple at the end of the month. That ought to be a hoot...if I could only be a fly on the wall!

After church on Sunday, we headed home. I got Matthew all fed and down for a nap. I don't know what happened to those nights he was sleeping, but somehow this weekend his schedule went askew again, he has been up at 12:30 and 3:30 lately. It makes it hard on the two of us when that happens. I think when he's with his sitter and grandma, he's so much more active, and he sleeps better then. We'll see what the rest of the week brings.

And whoa, what a week. We have family pics being taken Tuesday at church, Wednesday Matthew starts CLC and we have nightly activities at church, I'm on the road Thursday, and Matthew has a doctor's appointment on Thursday ...with shots...eek! I am so looking forward to Friday, I can't stand it...and I'm cleaning house that day...ha! I do have a boatload of stuff to take to Once Upon a Child on Friday, so maybe I can buy us a huge steak dinner with it.

Blessings for the week, and happy birthday to my friend Missy. Hope you have many more honey!

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