Thursday, July 30, 2009

Will it ever end????

The needless end to hospital bills. Matthew was in the hospital for 3 days, his total bill was over 19 thousand dollars, thank goodness for insurance! Now I have the little incidentals still coming in the mail. I think I have now paid the last of them. I got a bill yesterday for $8....eight dollars, can you believe it?

Two more weeks until Bush Gardens, I'm so excited! I have gotten tickets for us to go eat breakfast with the characters of Sesame Street, the whole family. It should be a good time. No running that day, I think there will be plenty of walking on this day :) Please be mindful of us that we all stay well. This will celebrate the two month anniversary of Matthew being released from the hospital, so I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate. I have heard good and bad reviews of the whole Sesame Street experience, so this will all remain to be seen.

Our weekend was busy, I helped my parents mostly with their pool and getting it operational. It seems some raccoons in the neighborhood decided it was in their best interest to use it as a bathing facility (ugh), so I had to do some cloroxing to kill that bacteria infest. Matthew and I did a little swimming in it, after he screamed for 15 minutes. I think it was just all new to him. He loves the YMCA pool with all the kids there. It was just old folks, and a float, so he wasn't too sure, but warmed up a little later. He seems to be obsessed with their pool when mom is babysitting him two days a week, which scares the living heck out of me. They are extremely cautious with him, so I know he's in good hands, but he will get away from you in a flash, so you have to be careful.

Sunday night was no fun, we had storms, and got little sleep. So I took a sick day on Monday. I left Matthew with Christi, went back to bed for a couple of hours, and went for a 6 mile run later in the day. I picked Matthew up early and we took off to Kohl's. They have really cleaned that store up, very nice. He was a hoot in his stroller checking himself out in their mirrors. Little mess.

I've been back at work now for a few days and not looking forward to the weekend, I have to work :( ...but at least I have a job. I'm taking Sunday off from church and enjoying some family time. I'm sure I'll be at my parents helping them out some more and playing in the pool. I'm at least trying to get a little tan :) Have a blessed week.

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