Monday, July 20, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese....

Oh boy, what a weekend!

I started off Saturday morning doing some laundry, changing sheets on the bed, and many other events. I got a good run in while Matthew was napping. I have to say I love having a treadmill at home, but it's getting dull. I do hit the gym two days a week, thank goodness...hmm, I think today is one of them! Yay!

Saturday afternoon, we were trying to figure out what to do family wise, and decided on taking Matthew to Chuck E. Cheese. EEEEKKK, sensory overload for parents and child! Matthew wanted NOTHING to do with the little cars you get into and ride. John ruined him with that little robotic car, but then we let him loose, and kind of followed him around, he found some games he liked. He would holler, and beat on them, and of course, went after some games where kids were already playing. We just apologized to parents, and took him somewhere else. The two really cute rides...the balloon ride and another one where he could go up and around, were out of order.

We did accumulate about 58 tickets, and he was able to get a cute little microphone which he thought was something he could eat. I have to say, after John and I had dinner, we looked in the back seat of the Matrix and he had the microphone in his mouth AND his sippy cup. Kodak moment and we missed it!

After being kid zone central, we headed to Topeka's to grab a quick dinner. It was really slow there. The recession must be hitting everyone hard. Will do a restaurant review on my site.

Sunday was a church day and then I worked my butt off at my parents' home on their deck. I scrubbed it with Clorox and then powerwashed the sucker. It looks so much better, however, the pool is still covered. During my lunch hour today, I will be headed over to meet John for the grand unveiling. I'll be glad too, then I won't have to take Matthew to the Goochland Y for a five dollar fee. Eventually, I'll make our membership family, when we can all go and workout :) I finally made it home, the little guy in tow, and Daddy decided to take Matthew on a tractor ride. He usually loves to go out on the tractor, but was hesitant yesterday. Maybe too much at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday. I have to say, seeing the two of them riding around the back yard melted my heart.

Blessings to all for a great week.

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Missy's Blog said...

Sounds like you had a busy, busy weekend.

Chuck E. Cheese is definitely sensory overload ... but Griffin LOVES it!

I've only been to Topeka's once and I'll be honest, I was NOT impressed at all. I'll have to read your review.

Happy Monday and enjoy the pool!