Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer is here!

We've had an exciting couple of weeks at our house in Goochland.

I think the main thing to share is we had a black bear in our front yard the Saturday before last. I didn't get to directly see him, just his head, but John had him run out right in front of his truck. Poor bear :( John was a little disturbed. This bear supposedly lives in a logging area off our main road and has been seen by many. He's harmless and according to what I've read and my contacts at the Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries, he will not bother us. He's more afraid of us than we are of him. I would welcome the opportunity to see him again, in our backyard. I am so itching to take some pictures of him!!!

Matthew is a freaking hoot right now. He is into everything, and runs around like a chicken with his head cut off. Within the past month, I started him in a class at church called "Wee Praise"...WEE referring to children between the ages of 0 and 2 years. He freaking loves it. He has open range in the room, and the kids can run and shake musical instruments. Well, last Wednesday night was the last class until August. So, I got copies of the CDs and we're having our own little music class at home now, nightly. Even if it's just one song, it's good for him. His latest favorite is "When the Saints Go Marching In." He now points to the CD player when it stops and says, "Mom."And yes, I do give in and we play it again. I created his own "shaker" by putting dry rice in an empty "Fibercon" bottle (yes, it has a safety cap). He likes that, but adores more banging on a plastic bowl with a wooden spoon. I thought 8-12 months was a fun period with this little boy, but I think right now is the best.

He's learning to talk more, and has become addicted to picture books. He especially likes the scrapbook I created of John and I, our first year of dating and beyond before we got married. He points and says Momma, Daddy, and Pop (grandpa). He still hasn't quite grasped how to say "grammie" yet. He loves her though, he couldn't kiss her enough while I was visiting yesterday.

I'll be posting pictures within the next two weeks. I'm taking on the project of creating two flower beds in the front of our house. It should be interesting since they are nothing but WEEDS right now. I have no green thumb whatsoever, I mean, I couldn't even keep a rubber tree plant alive, if that tells you anything. Our house has no curb appeal, and since I continually harrass John that I want to move closer to civilization, I want the yard looking decent for when the time does come to sell, if it happens.

On another note, I have to work another Saturday because of another damned pledge drive. Can't you feel the enthusiasm? June, July, and August are looking like a real possibility again in my future.

Last Saturday, John went on an all day motorcyle ride to Camp Alkulana. If you want to see and read about it, go here.

Enough said, don't know what this weekend will hold since it's so freaking short. I'm looking forward to a four day weekend next week though, woohoo! And yes, I'll be sweating and putting mulch down and flowers, etc. I won't have to run on a treadmill that day.

God bless!

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