Wednesday, May 20, 2009


There's nothing I hate more than being SICK! I woke up this a.m. with a nasty sinus infection.

Our lives have been hell on wheels with Matthew teething and now this. I have no doubt lack of sleep has led to me catching this cold which has gone into this. I am hoping my doctor calls with a z-pac!

Life has been a blast lately with our little guy, he's growing quickly! He's into everything, learning, and talking more consistently. The fact he pointed to Cookie Monster Monday and said "cookie" about blew us away. Awesome two syllable words!

This weekend, John cut down a huge tree in our backyard, you think I would have taken a picture of it, but no!? It was blocking our satellite signal, so down it came. Mr. Matejka can't do without his television, especially the sci-fi channel. I actually made steak kabobs on the grill Saturday night, and baked sweet potatoes. I think John about crapped because I did some cooking, it was all really yummy, and healthy!!!

We played hookie from church on Sunday, Matthew was sick and we felt like the nursery parents would not be happy with us for placing a sick child in there. So we stayed at home, and I met mom for lunch at Red Lobster. On another note, I've started a restaurant review website, and will share the link to the side of this blog.

John and I then took Matthew to the Bass Pro Shop on Monday evening. We had a blast and Matthew was beside himself with all the fish and other eye-catching details of the store. We ate at the restaurant (which I'll also review). The fish in the aquariums in there were just plain amazing! The restaurant was not busy because of it being a Monday, so we got great service.

Well, it's time to get to cranking at work. Hopefully, the doctors will call with some meds so I can get better.

As for your day, here are some pictures of total cuteness!
Hugs to everyone.

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