Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm on a roll....

Two weeks in a row posting, wow!

This weekend, uck, I had to work. Matthew and I went strolling Saturday morning in the neighborhood to get some exercise. My usual workout ethic was down the tubes, I really didn't care. I wanted to spend as much time with Matthew before heading to work. That's right folks, I had to freaking work on Saturday at proverbial pledge drive. For something I was dreading, I actually had a blast with the staff on call. We had a ball. I'm surprised how much we all have in common, including a love for Johnny Quest on the Boomerang network, who knew???

Matthew and I had a successful night at our home in Goochland while daddy was out on a motorcycle ride. We actually blew bubbles outside and the child was delighted. However, bubbles were called "balls" while they blew in the breeze. I caught one on the bubble wand and he jumped up and down. Oh, how the little things delight them! We ate dinner, did the bath thing, and he did not want to settle down for the evening. It may have been because Dad wasn't there?? Finally, around 10 pm I got him to sleep, and who comes rolling up the driveway, but daddy? So much for finding some time alone, but that's ok. We actually had some good couple time watching tv and talking, we needed it.

Sunday was church, and then a 4 mile walk with Matthew after I got home. No bear sitings to report! We began plotting the new flower gardens at our house. This has been so way past due. We buy a new house 3 years ago, and hmm, it looks like shit out front, so I was "over" it! Time to get to work.

John and I both took Monday off, and put Matthew at the sitter's house. I started, literally, at 7:15 a.m., washing the pots I did have, adding fresh potting soil, and planting Vinca and Begonias. Meanwhile, the hubby was mowing the grass.

After hubby finished up the couple of acres, we headed to good ole Goochland Southern States. These are the nicest people I have ever met. We got 35 bags of red mulch and 52 stone edgings. $270 later, we were at h ome digging trenches (well, I was) and placing the edging down. John helped by assisting with the shovel to make my digging a little easier. And yeah, I was stupid enough to use a little spatula that I have to use to dig the trenches, but I truly try to be as precise as possible.

I completed both sides of the flower gardens (one on each side of our front porch) and then proceeded to the Music Cafe to get lunch for John and I. I have to say, I looked like hell. Lunch was yummy, and that's a blog post for my food review website :) Upon return, John had dumped all the bags of mulch in the beds, but I needed to rake it into place. I really didn't want him doing that, I like to be precise, and don't want to overwhelm the flowers with mulch. Anyway, great stuff, our house looks awesome!

I finally got cleaned up (yuck) and went to get an RX at CVS, and then headed to Best Buy to purchase a new home computer. I went through HELL with the sales associate, what an idiot. They lost a sale because of this moron, and I just sent a whopping email to Best Buy headquarters detailing the whole conversation with him. What a freaking moron! We'll see if anything comes of it. Maybe I'll just order directly from the web, and let's see, Wal-Mart carries the computer I want as well. Well, no wonder they are taking business away from everyone else, they at least seem to know what the hell they are doing.

Find new pics of our flower gardens.

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