Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to Road Rage

Yesterday morning (if you saw my Facebook page, I said I was having a crappy morning!).

I left our house at 7 a.m. with little Matthew in tow to take to Grandma's house for the day. Driving down Dogtown Road, I noticed a nice Cadillac Escalade pulling out of a driveway, and thought, nice car (really an SUV).

Anyway, I got to the stop sign at Patterson, to turn left to head East towards Mom and Dad's, and noticed the Escalade was behind me, and pretty much thought nothing of it, just heading to work like the rest of us.

After getting through the town of Goochland, and getting rid of some pokes in front of me, I usually haul butt on down the road, about 65 mph. Goochland police usually won't stop you unless you're doing over me, I grew up in that county. :) Oh well, I caught up to two people who were rather slow, and when a passing point came, I went for it. The Escalade decided she wanted to go as well, really no biggie. She proceeded to ride my SUV's butt all the way down Patterson and when another passing point came, she decided to pass me, almost knocked off my front bumper after she passed and proceeded to flick me the bird in doing so. She then passed three cars in front of me further down the road. I called 911, she was out of control, and driving erratically. Of course, Goochland 911, wanted me to give her license plate but I couldn't see it, and I told them I had a baby in the backseat, and was not going to endanger him by catching up with our dangerous driver.

Lesson learned, if you wanna pass me, go for it. When I finally got to work, I was shaky. Smart girl though, I went home last night via Dogtown and wrote down her address, for the lovely Cadillac Escalade was sitting out front. I WILL be calling the Goochland police with a follow-up phone call today. This is not the first time I've had to call them since we moved to Goochland, but sheesh! Our last incident involved a prostitute/flasher on Riddles Bridge. So much fun for all of us there. She flashed John first and then flashed me on Halloween night back in 2006. We filed a complaint, but she pleaded insanity, but she really hasn't walked the road since, so we'll see what happens.

John also had a road rage incident back in January of last year. Methinks I'm going to get a carry conceal license just so I can feel safe too.

Be safe everyone and have a blessed Easter.

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