Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Will I Ever Sleep Again?

I have to tell those of you that read, that I'm a diagnosed insomniac, have been for the past 5 years. I'm exhausted! My doctor changed my meds on Monday (stupid!) and now I'm suffering. I have put a call into her, I WANT my Ambien back :( Hopefully, this will taken care of today and I can start sleeping again more soundly. Please keep me in your prayers, because sleep deprivation is the worst. I was so tired yesterday that I didn't think I was going to make it to work, but it all passed, and I was fine the rest of the day. It's pretty amazing how women handle all the "motherly" tasks after getting home, even if only on two hours of sleep. I also haven't been eating well. I haven't eaten dinner the past 3 nights, don't know where all that is coming from. Hey, at least I'll drop a few pounds. I haven't exercised for 2 days either because of lack of sleep. I just hate not feeling like myself. John said, you're not Cindy right now.....hmmm, ya think?

On another note, we're having a ball with Matthew right now. He's a full blown walker, well, most of the time, loves to walk up to Grandma and Grandpa's house and going around the house, etc. Thank goodness for baby gates, keeps him out of trboule, well, most of the time. He has a huge obsession with my bookcases for some reason or another.

We have also found he has a huge love for music. He plays (or tries to) mom's piano all the time, and also loves trying to play my guitar (video included). John has an electric guitar, but won't play it around Matthew, I guess too expensive?

This past weekend, John and I went to the International Auto Show at the Richmond Center. I can say, if our economy is that much in the craphole, I'm surprised at the number of people there. It was very busy. We had a good time looking at cars we can't afford :) I do however, really like the new Toyota Corolla but still love my SUV. You can't go wrong, can ya?

We then went to Mexico Restaurant, big mistake. John and I have never been to a Mexican restaurant together since we met 5 years ago. The taco salad and I did not get along, I've never had stomach cramps that badly before. Good old IBS, gotta love it.

Sunday was spent at home resting. Because of Matthew's cold, it's been a rough week so far. He seems to be improving, but John has his cold now. I'm taking Zicam, so let's hope that Momma can avoid. I don't think I can handle much more drama this week.

Love to all of you !
P.S. I will be registering to run the Race for the Cure, and will post links to help the cause.

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