Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Whoa, what a week....

I am so ready for my five day weekend!!!!! I am so tired of having the weeks from hell and this one takes the cake and it's only WEDNESDAY! Needless to say, I'm at work today as well :(

On Monday, Matthew took a nasty spill at his sitter's house. He hurt his left arm, so I headed Monday night to Patient First. John called his sister, who is a nurse, (Thank God for her!!!) and told me to wait it out and see how it goes. I got Matthew home and he was obviously sore, but would use his arm some. I then got to work yesterday, and felt guilty, so made an appointment at his pediatrician's office. His pediatricians are a "group" so I usually see Dr. Bates (she is AWESOME) or Dr. Curry (who was my pediatrician as a child), but they were not there. I saw Dr. Snead, a complete and total moron.

After waiting TWO hours, I finally got in. I have to say, Matthew deserves the kid of the year award, he was not fussy at all the whole time we were there. Dr. Snead made me take Matthew's shirt off and goes, does his left arm look puffier to you than the right. My answer, NO. Umm, aren't you the doctor, so why ask me that question?! Then Matthew, the little turkey, would not pick anything up with his left hand. So then Dr. Snead twisted his left wrist to compare it to the other, Matthew screamed! At that point, I had about had it with this idiot, so he was like, I really think you need to have this x-rayed. I told him we'd take it into consideration and call him on Friday. I told him I was going with my gut instinct and with my sister in law's instinct, to wait a couple of days. Sure enough, I stop at Food Lion on the way home to get some baby food, and a few other items, the child is trying to pull himself out of the shopping cart, and grabbed a big bottle of juice with his left hand and turned it over.

We got home, was crawling on it and playing with other stuff with it, I figured he's fine. I think he's just sore and it will mend itself. My paranoid husband on the other hand, wants it x-rayed, he can take him. I have about "had it" with doing everything, and told John every appointment this kid has from here on out, he will be there too. :) I think it's past time to lay the law down on this one.

We are now looking forward to our first Christmas with our little guy. I can't wait to sneak all the presents under the tree tonight. My mom has gone nuts and bought this kid more toys than you could ever imagine. She also got him a Winnie the Pooh toybox, which we need desperately!

Oh well, I'll post those next week. In the meantime, here are pictures of Matthew's first REAL bath in the kitchen sink. John and I were more wet than Matthew by the time we were done. Hope all of you have a blessed holiday.

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Missy's Blog said...

I'm so sorry to hear Matthew was hurt. I hope all is okay now.

Can't wait to hear about his first Christmas!