Monday, December 15, 2008

And we're home!!!!

After a week long trip to Roanoke to the ETLC conference, I have returned, woohoo!

After a rather long 3 hour drive home, we made it back to Richmond mid-day. We did however, at the I-81 and 64 interchange, got caught in an accident. Traffic was backed up for 4 miles, and it was an overturned tractor trailer, mom was freaking. It only took about 20 minutes off our drive.

We then went and picked up Taz from the Goochland Animal Clinic for I had to board him there while gone because of his diabetes. $164 later, he's now home. And yes, this cat is worth it, I've had him since he was 8 weeks of age, and he's now going on 11. I love him to pieces. The boarding was not the expense, it was the blood test they did on him to check his diabetes. His blodo sugar was a little high, but no concern right now, we may have to increase his insulin, but I just need to monitor his water intake for now.

So I still have not gotten up all my xmas decorations or finished shopping. I have the day off tomorrow, so hopefully I can get it all done.

My little monkey is finally feeling better. He has been sooo sick. So now, I think mommy (aka...ME) has it. I am so sick of being sick!!! I'm fighting it with Zicam and Vitamin C. I am sure it has a lot to do with being without my Claritin the past two days, so there's a stop to make on the way home. Let's hope that's all there is. I really think breastfeeding is just killing my immunity to everything. What a nasty cycle we go through, everyone in the house gets sick and you can't get rid of it. I'm using Lysol wipes and Lysol spray everywhere I go, but nonetheless, we are all still fighting it.

It has been a rather slow weekend, we did take Matthew to church yesterday and he did great. He sat in the back and proceeded to pull everything out of his diaper bag, including his hairbrush. This was a first for us, he decided to brush his own hair. John and I were about to split laughing and trying to keep quiet in the background.

Here are some pics from Roanoke. Does Matthew look pissed or what? And one of him in a hat that is way too small for him now. He was laughing the whole time!
Love you guys!

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