Thursday, December 11, 2008

Roanoke bound....

Well howdy.
It's now Thursday afternoon and I'm in beautiful Roanoke, Virginia at the Hotel Roanoke. I am here attending the Educational Technology Leadership Conference. I was made to attend because one of my comrades is ill. Needless to say, since breastfeeding, I had to pack mom and baby up for the trip. We arrived Tuesday afternoon safe and sound, after a 3 hour drive. I was shocked Matthew has done so well. He has slept well and has not been too fussy. However, the little guy is suffering from a horrible head cold. After many showers in the bathroom and getting a steamy breathing treatment, he's doing much better. You can tell he even feels better because of all the playing he is doing today.

Yesterday I attended some of the conference, went for a run, and then went back to the conference for the rest of the day. We have a booth here as well so we all pitched in doing our part and working the booth. I had a new PBS mascot, Matthew sat with me at the booth. He was very popular. Mom and I then packed him up along with all of his "stuff" and headed to Valley View Mall. We had a good time shopping and I actually got a few things done for Christmas.

This morning I helped with the booth yet again and we went to lunch here. I have to say that lunch has been fabulous with salmon, chicken, rice, and a lot of other goodies. I snuck mom into lunch today and she was able to enjoy the munchies.

We leave tomorrow, thank God. I get to pick up my cat who has been boarded since Tuesday because of his diabetes and bring him home to sleep in bed with me. I love my kitty and hate that I have had to stress him out by putting him at the vet's office. I have had him since he was 6 weeks of age when someone dumped him off at Louisa High School where I taught. He's the first baby :)

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel 3 hours home. I'm so proud my SUV made the trip with almost 100,000 miles :) Way to go Ford!

Hugs to all of you and here are some pics of Matthew from the room in his portable crib. You can tell he was not feeling great due to those rosy cheeks.

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