Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Matthew and Grammy!

Our little Santa Elf!

(Pic of Matthew with his HOMEMADE toy, made by John!)

Yep, I'm running late with this post.

Our lives have been so hectic here lately.

Matthew's first Christmas has come and gone. He was a hoot and not real sure about all that was going on. He did great though and for those of you who emailed about his arm, it did work itself out. The pediatrician I saw was an idiot, I think I stated that though. I just needed to let it mend on its own. The next day after seeing the pediatrician, he was doing great and playing. I am sooo happy.
Family Picture
Christmas day was hectic. My parents came up to our house and we all opened gifts, got a few pictures, then headed to Madison, VA to be with the rest of my family. I swear, my hubby was in a piss-ass mood. I don't know if it's because he is with my family or what, but I'm not heading to his family's house any more. I give and give and I always get crapped on when it's my turn, so done. At least I won't have to listen to my mother-in-law's prejudicial comments, I'm sick of it. Anyway, let's not get me started. If it comes up on the phone when I HAVE to talk to her, I'll put her in her place. I don't want my son hearing it.

After finally getting home and getting stuff put away, we tried to enjoy a little R & R, with an 11 month old, that's hard to do :) That kid got so many gifts from his grandmother (my mom) that he'll never use all of them. He did get a Winnie the Pooh toybox, thank goodness! I now have a place to store his many toys. Now if I could just get another shelf in his closet and some baskets for all of his books, we'll be set. He loves books, although not reading, but loves to flip the pages. I try to read to him every night, but when he's determined to turn the page before I finish reading, it makes it a little difficult. I swear though, nothing melts my heart more than for that little boy to crawl in my lap and read a book with him.

I have been proud of myself for keeping up with the running and exercising throughout the holiday season. I didn't this morning, but plan on doing it when I get home this afternoon :) Matthew will not be happy, but oh well.

John got me for Christmas a locket that says "Mom" on it, and it's quite lovely. I knew I was getting it because he needed some ideas and a gift card to Barnes and Noble!! Woohoo, I love to go there!

Needless to say it's New Years Eve and I'm stuck here at work, but I bet I sneak out the door early! Hugs and have a great New Year.

Here are a bunch of pics, and you're gonna love the one of him with his bow on his head, does he look mad or what??? Also a family pic, thank goodness for the self timer!
Love, Cindy
P.S. Keep my kitty Taz in your prayers, he's really having some bad days right now. It seems to be diabetic related according to the vet, so hopefully it will improve with time!

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Missy's Blog said...

Cindy ... I'm so happy you guys had such a nice Christmas!

I'm dying to know what that handmade toy that John made for Matthew does.

Happy New Year!