Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day...

Well after a two week hiatus, I'm back.

It's been a busy time for us with Matthew, his first birthday is right around the corner. I created his first birthday invites and sent them out last week to just the immediate family. So far, we've gotten a couple of responses. I at least know that my parents will be attending.

Life continues to be hectic for us. Pretty much life revolves around Mr. Matthew. I did enjoy for about 3 weeks a 3 day work week because of the way the holidays fell here at PBS. It was wonderful. I had a 3 day weekend this past week as well. Thank goodness for some time with the little guy.

We went yesterday to Party City to look at supplies for his birthday party. I was going to do a Tonka truck theme (because it's a Ukrop's cake), but none were in supply and I refuse to pay astronomical prices for shipping stuff and ordering on the internet. So, we're going with the movie CARS theme. He loves the little red car from there because we have one, you shake it, and it goes flying across the room. He gets a real kick out of it.

Ok, so I have to admit, I'm now a Facebook addict. I keep it up at work and write on there daily, post pictures weekly of Matthew, and enjoy keeping in touch with old friends from high school and new friends I've made along the way in life. I love the chat feature, even though I don't do that at work, but I get to talk to John's niece in Texas. We've gotten to be good friends and have little ones about the same age.

Today is the inauguration of the other guy, the one that I didn't vote for, and here's hoping that he does a great job. Our economy sucks right now and our state economy is in even worst shape. I actually voted for Tim Kaine and I hate the guy. Mark Warner was a super governor, got our state out of the financial woes they were in and Tim Kaine just dug the grave all over again. I think he's a big fat jerk for creating departments and focus groups, utilizing a ton of the state budget. Thank goodness he'll be gone in a year. It irritates the hell out of me that 400 million was cut from public education. How could he??? My fingers are just itching to write an editorial in our local paper about this and the fact that our Board of Supervisors, who claim to not have any money, took off on a week long "trip" to the Homestead which is a very expensive resort in Virginia. Uck, what is wrong with these people? I have seriously been thinking about running for the Board of Supervisors for three years now, and may do it when Matthew gets into school. We'll have to wait and see...

What do you think Missy, would I have a chance to win? :)

Off to work. Hope all of you have a great week.
Love, Cindy

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Missy's Blog said...

Yes ... indeed ... you would definately win ... you would get my vote!!

Matthew and Griffin are having the same theme for their birthday. Griffin chose CARS too ... he loves Lightning McQueen and Mater.

I hope Matthew has a fantastic 1st birthday ... can't wait to see the pictures!!