Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are all well :)

Happy Tuesday! I had the day off yesterday, so no time to write. I was busy running errands and taking Matthew out for a while.

This past weekend was not real eventful giving that we were all sick! John worked on a dead lawn mower, which is now functioning properly. I used Murphy's Oil Soap on our wood floors. I love our cleaning lady, but my wood floors I want really CLEAN, so I go back behind her maybe every couple of months with hot water and the oil soap. That stuff does a great job. I feel as though it's really important especially since Matthew is somewhat mobile now. I'll be off the next time she comes. I actually want to thank her personally for making my life much easier :) Her link is here. Anyway, after I did my little cleaning, Matthew and I took off to Babies R Us to get a new carseat for my Toyota Matrix. We put the new convertible seat in my SUV. It's weird not just picking him up in the little carrier anymore and hauling him around. I literally now have to undo him and pick him up. My little boy is growing fast. We were supposed to go to a wedding, but because we were all still feeling a little yucko, we decided to skip it. I feel bad because John and Ashley are good friends to us, more so me. John and I were neighbors at our old neighborhood. He saw me through some really tough times. So hugs to both of you, I know you'll be very happy.

Sunday we actually returned to church. We were on hiatus because of that jerk that told us we were sitting in his pew. John and I sat on the very back pew in the back of the church next to the back door (see a trend?). Matthew was terrific. As long as he had a toy to play with, he was fine. He played with his Dad's nose some too, lol! Mom and I then went to Red Lobster for lunch. I got the shrimp scampi and salmon, I tried to stay healthy :) I then had to drive all the way over to work because I had left Matthew's breastmilk there by accident. Oops. We visited with my parents briefly before heading home.

Yesterday I ran in the a.m. and then Matthew and I met my friend Diane for lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse in Short Pump. I got the grilled chicken sandwich to eat and a side salad. Again, I tried to stay healthy, those french fries are a heart attack waiting to happen! Matthew and I then went to Regency Square Mall where he got his picture taken with Santa. I have to say it was the coolest set up ever. It's taken from the Polar Express movie and was a huge snowglobe with actual snow falling inside. Matthew was not amused! I thought he'd love it. He did great for the photo, but looks pissed off. After the picture, he looked at me, then at Santa, then at me again, and lost it. I mean cried big time. I felt so bad. We headed home and he was all happy again, but then when we got home, I put him in the bouncy seat so I could pump and he had another meltdown, and then again about 20 minutes later when I changed the catpan. I really think this whole separation anxiety thing is starting, sheesh. After that, we had a great night together.

Oh well, here are the Santa pics and I did my own Christmas photo session with him on Sunday. I am sooooo proud of these!
Love, Cindy

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Missy's Blog said...

Love the picture of Matthew with Santa ... he's a cutie!

The pictures you took are awesome, too!

The seperation anxiety will not last long. He's just looking for reassurance that you are coming back.