Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween...

I know, I'm a few days late, but I had Friday off, so sue me :)

Matthew enjoyed his first Halloween, at least I think he did. We had ONE trick or treater, one of our neighbors. I think we were a little disappointed. I ran that morning and then Matthew and I ventured to Short Pump Towne Center to eat at the food court. We also went to WalMart, always an adventure, to get oil for my little blue Toyota. Matthew thoroughly enjoyed watching all the kids at the food court and did some high powered talking of his own for everyone to hear. We did a little shopping in Macy's as well. Momma needed some new pants....$17.50. Can you say DEAL? :)

We then went to Echo Lake Elementary where my mom is a substitute teacher. She used to be a full time teacher, just like myself, and when she had me, decided to stay at home until I was in the fourth grade, and then began substituting. I swear, the woman is teaching non-stop. She is requested by teachers constantly and I know it's because she is STRICT. She also has the papers graded for the teachers at the end of the day. She rocks as a teacher and I'm proud to call her my mom. She was MY inspiration to become an educator, so she should feel honored :) Although I don't think I'm as mean as she is when teaching. Anyway, she had a good time showing off Matthew to her teacher friends.

Saturday I took Matthew for a long walk in the stroller in the gorgeous weather we had. I so needed to get out. John worked on his dumb motorcycle all day and I did not get a break at all. I swear, I'm going to throw the car into four wheel drive and run over that thing one of these days. Matthew napped while we walked, which was good, since he hadn't had one all day long.

The past few nights have been hell on wheels with the little guy, he is teething, BADLY. So I have not gotten much sleep, but am here at work. Such as the life of a mom.......

Sunday morning I got to go for a run and John watched Matthew, which he should have. I then got both of us ready and headed to the doctor's office. I have had an earache for the past few days, so I went to something like Patient First, but not quite. Anyway, my right ear had so much wax buildup, they literally had to powerwash my ear out. It was gross. My dear son was so good in his stroller, he waited an hour and a half for them to take care of me, and was good as gold. As a treat, I took him to Regency Square and we ate lunch. Of course, all the kids running around just gets him so excited, so it was a good afternoon for him. We then went to visit Grammy (aka, my mom) and then went home. I came home to a grumpy husband, but I guess we all have our days. Here are some Matthew pics :)

Don't forget to vote tomorrow.
Love, Cindy

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Missy's Blog said...

You are so lucky to have the great relationship with your mother that you do. I wish my mom was still living ... I imagine we would have a great relationship too.

Matthew looks adorable as the Incredible Hulk!