Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An update..

Sorry I didn't get to write my weekly update yesterday, but things have been kind of hectic here at work :) I so freaking need a vacation and can't wait to see the first of the year get here when I have some new vacation time!!!!!!

So I had a really full week last week and actually even taught a computer (digital imaging) workshop Wednesday night at church. It was short and sweet. The major laugh out of this whole night at church was Matthew in his walker. We took the walker to church, which has a huge family life center, and he was literally tearing the joint up. He had so much fun running around and it was way too cute. We plan on doing the same thing again this Wednesday night. I can say he slept really well!

As for last week's posting about the jerk at church, I talked to our minister via email yesterday and filled him in on the situation. He called John and talked to him which was a relief. John had been upset and I was scared that I would not get him back to church. Hopefully our minister, who is John's motorcycle riding buddy, smoothed it all out. I'm actually taking a break from church this Sunday, I am about "peopled" out.

Saturday I enjoyed a run and pretty much just hung out at the house. We did go (Matthew and I), to John Rolfe Ukrop's and did our grocery shopping. $100 later and I came home with a boatload of stuff, and I thought enough baby food. I swear, boys can EAT! It's now Tuesday and he's about killed everything I bought. I think truly there is something to be said for making your own baby food. Anyway, my only day I get to enjoy lunch is Wednesday and I guess I'll be making a stop at the grocery store :)

Sunday I went to church. While there and sitting in the vestibule with Matthew, someone on staff approached me about putting him in the nursery. This is a SORE topic for me. First of all, John and I both agree, that regardless of whether you're a member of our church or not, I don't know you and your history. You could be abusive for all I know. So, I pretty much let this individual "have it." This is MY kid who goes to a caregiver four days a week and if sitting on a couch out in the vestibule where I can hear the entire sermon is a crime, then sue me. She told me to put him in there sooner rather than later because it will be harder for me, blah blah blah. Again, he goes to a caregiver 4 days a week, so I think I'm used to it! Not only this, the nursery is wide open, anyone could come in and take him. Enough said, I think they won't approach this topic again, but like I said, I'm staying away from church this Sunday. I need a break.

Work has been interesting, people are edgy here and I've about had enough of them as well. At least I get to travel for my job and can get out of here when need be. I'm looking forward to Thursday and visiting my schools.

Oh yeah, Friday at the GHS football game, we had our 20 year class reunion, such as it was. Our class president has disappeared off the map, so myself and two other girls organized what we could. Here' s a picture of Mr. Matthew and Daddy. I told John I don't have hardly any pictures of the two of us together, so hopefully he'll take some this weekend!
Love, Cindy

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Missy's Blog said...

You've been busy ... nice catching up with what you've been doing.

I think taking a brek from church is a good idea.