Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello again!

We're back at work for another fun-filled week! We're having NPR pledge right now so I worked the proverbial pledge drive this morning until noon and have it again tomorrow, such as life. :) So far so good!

On Friday, my flex day off, I met my dear friend Missy for lunch at Red Robin. It was so good seeing her and catching up (she has a pic on her blog!). I ran 6 miles on Friday morning before meeting her for lunch and spent some quality time with Mr. Matthew. Missy, you're a true doll and friend. I share a lot with you and am so blessed to have you as a confidante! I so appreciate your friendship. As for Mr. Griffin, he's adorable and is all boy! I think we have to remind ourselves about them and how they can be at times....curious yet sweet as pie! I really can't wait until they can play together!

After enjoying my lunch with Missy, I went by Food Lion to get some baby food, cat litter, and a few other items. Have you ever tried to go grocery shopping when it's cold and rainy, carry a baby, a diaper bag, your purse, and an umbrella? This is NO easy task. I about lost it when one of the bags I had baby food in fell and put baby food all over the parking lot. I actually almost cried. Just a little too much for me to handle. Needless to say, it was all okay, but sheesh, trying 30 minutes or so for this momma. And it did not help that the guy checking me out could have given a crap less, he was only interested in getting me out the door as fast as possible. Again, why I hate Food Lion, they could care less about their customers. I think I'm going to stick to Ukrops from now on. I also took all of our comforters to the grotesque laundrymat, because our washing machine won't hold them. Matthew got a hoot out of watching the huge washers though, lol. I was glad to get the hell out of there at the end of the day.

Saturday, I was in a cleaning mode. I ran again, then washed all my valances and curtains in our house. GROSS! Some of them were disgusting after only being up for 2 years. I hope our allergies will do a little better now. Anyway, they are ironed and pretty now, lol. Matthew and I then went to Food Lion again I wish they'd open a Ukrop's more towards the Goochland area. I had to get some catfood. Anyway, John and I had a good night Saturday night playing with Matthew on our bedroom floor, as he is now trying to crawl. He also has two teeth ready to make an appearance!

On Sunday we sort of went to church! I got to church and plopped down in a pew, went to the restroom after John arrived and John informed me one of the older gentlemen came up and started chewing him out because we were on his pew. I asked him if he wanted us to move so he could have his pew and he spouted off some snide remark. Now remember, this is church! Where all doors are supposed to be open to everyone! Hacks me off. Anyway, after the jerk got sarcastic with me, John says, "You can have the whole damn pew to yourself, you jackass!" My mouth about hit the floor and then some! We left. Keep in mind, that besides sitting on the row, there is a diaper bag, baby carseat, and a purse. I had to look at it from John's perspective, to ask a family to move in church is crappy. I talked to the assistant minister about what had happened and she got the church directory and looked the guy up. She was going to address the minister about what happened because it seems it is taking place frequently. The older people need to get over it and be more flexible about sitting different places. Again, YOU DO NOT OWN the pews! Oh well, I went and sat in the vestibule of church and listened to the sermon from there. I figured I didn't want stuff being thrown at me, lol! I am mad now about the whole thing, not at my husband, but at the jerk. I have church this Wednesday night, so I'll let you know how all that goes. There may be yet another confrontation from me with this guy.

The rest of the day was fun, spent some time with my mom, went out to lunch and went shopping at Kohl's. Mom bought Matthew a couple of long-sleeved onesies, including a Christmas one.

Okay done for now. Go McCain/Palin as well! I love her! I have a bumper sticker on both my cars! I have also voted already by absentee ballot. I think this whole election is going to be very interesting. Obama, you are a piece of crap! I hope your staff is reading this. You non-saluting liberal! FYI, for those who don't know, he won't salute our flag or our military, the jerk. And you call yourself American? Yeah, right.

Off my soapbox. Here's a picture of Matthew trying to figure out how to get to his Cookie Monster!

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Missy's Blog said...

Awww ... the sweet things you have to say about Griffin and me just warm my heart!

I totally agree ... it's a blessing to have you as a confidante as well!! We have to get together more often than we do!

About the guy from church ... wow! That's all I can say. I totally think he had it coming (about what John said)