Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can you say growth spurt?

I have to say, I love my son and it's a good thing he is so cute, because he has kept me awake every hour on the hour the past two nights. He has definitely hit another growth spurt. I hate them! I hate the fact that I have to be a milk machine 15 times a night. It never fails that I have Matthew back on a schedule, and he was sleeping really well too, like 6 hours a night. Now, I have to deal with getting through this fiasco, and getting him back on a schedule. John is going to take him for a few hours tonight so I can try to get some rest, then I take over until 4:45. John has him all day tomorrow, so this should all be interesting. I'm so tired and so much for running this morning. I took a sick day yesterday to get some rest. Matthew and I both went back to sleep from 5 until 8:30. It really helped. I had every intention of exercising this morning, but just couldn't make myself do it. And I can't get mad at the little guy. He's so darn cute now, and talking up a storm. At least our sitter is trying to get him on a good schedule. Oh well, pray for our family and that I get through this.

John and I are in a wedding this Saturday. We have to drive to Madison, VA for rehearsal dinner on Friday night, then back up there on Saturday for the wedding. At least it's only an hour drive up the road, which isn't too bad. It's mostly interstate. I plan on enjoying the rest of the weekend with my son. I have so loved watching him change and chit chat now. He's really found his voice within the past two days (reason for growth spurt), and is a hoot. We just laugh at him. I'll try to get some video of him to post this week.

Here's a picture from our photoshoot Sunday.

Love to all of you!

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