Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stomach bug

Well it seems our little angel came down with a short, 24 hour stomach bug over the weekend. John and I were in my cousin's wedding this past weekend and we ran ourselves to pieces. On Sunday I was just so tired that I did not want to get out of the bed, but little Matthew changed our plans.

I got up Sunday and John took him for a few hours so I could get some extra sleep. When I came downstairs around 9, John said he had been throwing up a lot and pooping more than usual. I decided to take his temperature and sure enough, 99.4. I just frequently breastfed him and his fever was down by the time I got him to sleep, around 10 p.m. It was a rough night Sunday night, he was up frequently to eat, but that's what I was supposed to do, short, and frequent meals to keep him hydrated. I finally gave in, which I really wasn't supposed to, they say to let a fever run its course, but I gave him a little infant's Tylenol. It helped him to sleep better and consistently kept the fever down. By Monday morning, he was back to his normal, playful self. He was giggling and playing in his bouncer. This morning seemed to be good for him as well. He's at mom's, so I'm heading over there shortly to check on him. Poor little guy, I knew something was wrong because he was grumpy on Sunday, and he is rarely grumpy unless he is tired or hungry.

Anyway, a lesson learned by a new mom. Until the next illness comes along...

Here's a picture taken on Sunday when he was not feeling so well.
Love you guys!

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