Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another birthday...

I turned 38 this past week on April 24th, it's hard to believe how time is flying by. I got the best present of all, my baby boy. He is sooo much fun right now, cooing and giggling all the time. He has been hitting a growth spurt for the past two weeks, and holy crap, can you say sleep deprived? He has been doing either every hour or every two hours at night and it's been killing me. Last night, and John is out of town right now, I took an Ambien and went to sleep and he woke up 4 1/2 hours later for a feeding and then slept 3 more, thank you God! I think it will get better. I tried something different last night and gave him a bath before going to bed, it seemed to help. I used some lavender baby soap that is supposed to be soothing and put him to sleep. He was up for about another hour, and then I fed him and he went down for the night.

On another note, I'm enjoying having the TV and the king size bed all to myself while John is in Tennessee! Woohoo! I had the TV on all night and watched some movie at 3:30 when Matthew woke up and fell asleep during it. I used to be such a night owl, but not anymore! I love to watch Jay Leno, but fall asleep before it comes on, it's pretty sad. I guess as Matthew grows older, it will improve.

I'm still running every day. I'm now up to almost 7 miles in an hour's time, which is great. I'm back down to my old weight, just have big boobs because of breastfeeding. I'm going to try to continue after I go back to work..thanks Missy for the pump! I go back to work on Thursday and am dreading it. My mom will have Matthew that day, but it's breaking my heart. I know it will be okay. I'm going to scoot to her house during my lunch hour to see him and then John will pick him up on his way home from work. Say prayers that I get through this first week.

Here's a picture of John with Matthew at my birthday dinner at O'Charley's on Thursday night. My parents joined us as well.

Love to all of you and God bless.


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