Saturday, April 12, 2008

Such a Slacker...

Yeah, I know it has been forever since I've written. Can you blame me? I'm taking care of a newborn, and trying to take care of a house, etc....I think it's called motherhood.

Anyway, it's a Saturday afternoon and my little messpot is asleep in his bouncer next to my computer. He's so darn cute. He's growing so fast now. We go to the doctor on Monday for his two month check up and to get FIVE shots. I am sooo dreading this. Everyone says to take the children's Tylenol with you. I also have to go by work that day to fill out our new insurance paperwork and supposed to meet with my childcare provider. Still waiting to hear from her. I think she's out of town this weekend anyway. Her mother in law owns a house at Nags Head, so I don't blame them, I'd take off too!

Three more weeks now and I head back to work. I can't believe how time is flying. It seems like only yesterday I was still pregnant with the little rascal.

My mom and I went to Prime Outlets yesterday in Williamsburg. We had a good time, especially at the Carter's outlet. Together, we spent about $70 on Matthew. We got him some really cute spring and summer outfits. I bought John a t-shirt from Eddie Bauer and myself a shirt from there as well, which I'll wear tonight with some jeans. We are meeting our friends Missy, and Mike and Griffin for dinner at Red Robin. I'm back down to my old size now, and running 6 miles a day. I can now run at 7 1/2 miles per hour, which I have NEVER done in my lifetime. It's amazing what no smoking has done for my lung capacity. I guess Matthew was a blessing in more ways than one. I quit smoking cold turkey the day I found out I was pregnant.

Anyway, here's a picture of what is sleeping beside my computer right now. He's getting ready to get a bath when I get off of here, so this lovely picture will change dramatically. He slept throught the night last Friday night and I was lucky that night, but he hadn't done it since then until last night again. I guess it will come in spurts and will happen when it's supposed to. I just hope it does before I head back to work :)

Love you guys!


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Missy's Blog said...

He is such a cutie ... and I was SOOOO happy to get my hands on that cute little rascal of yours!

We had fun at dinner ... we have to get together again, and soon!