Friday, May 2, 2008


So, I'm back at work and have been for two days. I went back to work yesterday. Mom watched Matthew all day, and despite the fact that it was my mom watching him, I cried my eyes out all the way to work. I am so heartbroken and I miss him desperately.

So here's what my day is like:
I get up at 4:45
Feed the cats
Clean out the catpan
Get Matthew up
Eat breakfast
Run on the treadmill for an hour after putting Matthew in the swing
Get Matthew out of swing
Put him in bouncer
Take a shower
Get dressed, do hair and make up
Take Matthew downstairs, get him ready to leave for sitters
Pack his bottles
Fix my lunch
Put Matthew in carseat
Then fly upstairs to give Taz his insulin shot
Then head out the door...
Oops, and forgot breastfeeding...

See why I'm so freaking tired!!! John is watching the little guy all night Saturday night so Mom can get some rest. Please pray that our son sleeps through the night soon or else I'm going to be in an institution. Love to all of you!

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Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... that's quiet an exhaustive schedule you have there. It does get easier ... I promise! I bet he will be sleeping through the night in the next 3 months or so.