Tuesday, October 23, 2007

111 Days to Go!!!!

Woohoo, week #24, and our little guy will be here before you know it!

We had a good weekend. Also, I got back into jogging and walking again last week. I walk 5 minutes, jog for one, and I feel so much better afterwards!!!! I cranked out 6.17 miles yesterday.
I have been so swamped at work! I was on the road in Colonial Beach all day yesterday, and left the house at around 6:30. I got back into Richmond around 3, worked out and went home. I deserved to call it an early day after all that I had going on. Wednesday is going to be just as bad. I have to go to Westmoreland County tomorrow, so on the road again should be my theme for at least the next 3 weeks.

Saturday, I ran at the gym, then went down to Mimi's Maternity at Short Pump Towne Center and bought three blouses. I tried to find a pair of jeans there that I would like, nothing fit right. All were too long in the waste and the crotch came down to my knees. It seems all of JCPenny's maternity clothes are fitting right, so I'm going to buy a pair of their jeans and see how that works out. We then met up with Missy and Mike and little Griffin at the Hickory Notch Grill for dinner here in Goochland. It was yummy, I got my usual chicken Caesar salad, John got catfish and said it was very good. Griffin, for a two-year-old, was so well behaved at dinner, he did great. They then came back to our house to see the home, and to hang out briefly. It was a really nice evening.

I went to church on Sunday, sans my husband (you bum!). Mom and I then went to Spinnaker's for lunch. I got the club sandwich with broccoli as my side and mom got the same with a fruit salad. We both wanted French fries, but decided to behave ourselves :) I then had to pick up the company car for my outing yesterday. I decided to spend the rest of the day visiting with my folks. I then went to church for the "transition team" meeting, which was a bunch of bullshit (pardon my French!). Finally several people stood up in front of the bunch that was there, I'd say at least 25% of our church, and let everything that has been hidden behind closed doors, come out. It was good to finally hear the truth from someone! We'll see what happens with our church. I have been a member there now for 28 years, so I hate to have to leave, and like John said, we'll stick it out for right now.

Okay, as for last night, I watched Dancing with the Stars, and holy cow, there goes Marie Osmond down on the floor. She has really dropped the weight since the show began, but it was obvious she was hyperventilating, and boom, she hit the dance floor hard. I loved the rest of the night, and actually voted for her out of pity, I felt so bad for her because she was so embarrassed. I like Jennie Garth as well. We'll see how it all falls into place as the week goes by. John tends to avoid watching television with me on Monday nights :)

Much love and God bless!

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