Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well One Year Down...

John and I celebrated on Sunday our one year anniversary. He did great! He sent me a dozen roses at work and bought me this cool keychain that holds digital images that I can put pictures of the baby on. We also went out to dinner Sunday night to Skillagallee Seafood restaurant. YUM! They have awesome food! I like them better than the atmosphere at Calabash seafood, but I have to say, the food at Calabash is less expensive and better tasting. John got crab legs and I got shrimp stuffed with crabmeat. Mom gave me this article on eating seafood weekly, it's supposed to be good for the baby's brain development. Omega-3 acids :) Well, bring on the shrimp and crab then!

We then celebrated a quiet evening at home. We both went to church Sunday morning and enjoyed a reception for one of our ministers afterwards. Rupert Rose, minister to the senior citizens, will be missed. Again, Second Baptist Richmond is going through some major crap right now. John and I are not real happy with the whole "transition" thing that is going on. So, we're scouting out other churches, but a friend of ours seems to think things will improve once we are settled with a new minister. We have a huge church-wide meeting on Sunday to discuss whoever this person may be. Can't you just tell my excitement?! I was bad and wrote a pretty nasty letter to the church in my pledge envelope about some of the shenanigans that the transition team has pulled, and that I will NOT give that church another dime of my money until questions are answered. Maybe hormones played a role, I don't know.

On Saturday, I cleaned house all day and we did take out from Rocco's pizza which is literally five miles from our house. John got beef ravioli and I got a Chef's salad. We then went for a 2 mile walk, which was nice.

The past two nights I've been glued to the television (after my workout!) to watch Dancing With the Stars! I LOVE this show! I have my mom totally hooked on it, so we call each other after the show to pass our own judgments. The contestants are fun to watch, but Sabrina is still my favorite, that girl has some major moves!

Okay, as for exercise....I've gotten back into jogging again. I walk five minutes, run one, walk five, for 90 minutes now. Of course, I have to hop off the treadmill to pee. This kid is jumping up and down on my cervix! At least I know he's there and healthy.

No pictures to share this week, maybe next week. Love to all and God bless.


Missy's Blog said...

I love the ultrasound picture you shared ... he's looking like a sweet little baby now!!

I too am a huge DWTS fan ... we'll have to discuss that at length.

Do you like Rocco's Pizza? I've only been there a couple of times and I think the last time I went was when Griffin was like 2 weeks old ... mmm ... maybe we should try again.

We'll see you guys Saturday night ... can't wait to get together!

Missy's Blog said...

Oh ... and meant also to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!