Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to work...

After 6 days off, I'm back here at work.

Last Friday I took the new Toyota Matrix to get the oil changed and tires rotated. If you don't use Toyota, your warranty expires automatically, so you have to fork your fortune out to them. I guess it's worth it, since they make such a great automobile. I then went to Car Pool and got the little Matrix washed up and it looks awesome. I ventured to Short Pump Wal-Mart and purchased the paint for the nursery.

I painted the nursery Saturday after going to the gym and doing cardio for 90 minutes. It felt good! I then began the painting process. My intention was to paint only two walls in the nursery and finish on Sunday, that changed. I did the trim on my two walls and then rolled the two that I was currently working on. I then thought, well, the rolling is so freaking simple, let's see what I can do with the other two walls. I finished rolling those and it took no time to trim, and I was done. About that time, John woke up from his nap and was impressed that I was finished. Now, just to let you know that my husband is NOT lazy, I just didn't want him in there helping. He is the WORST painter that I've ever seen. He has no patience and wants to get things done as quickly as possible, therefore, sloppy paint job and I'm not having that in my new house. In the old house, I didn't care because we were moving. There are days I miss that little townhouse :( Life goes on to bigger and better things....

On Sunday we attended church to say goodbye to our minister of youth, we will miss him desperately. Our church is in a "transition" period which is total BS! They are cleaning house of all the good ministers, and if I could get my hands on the head of the transition team and the rest of the "transition" team, I'd give them a true piece of my mind. I may still write a letter, and it's right at the end of my fingertips. It's a shame to get so mad at what is supposed to be a house of God.

Monday I did a six mile walk at our house. Of course, being pregnant, I had to come in every one mile to utilize the facilities. I then went to Mom and Dad's to hang out and eat dinner with them. I came home to find deer all over Route 6, they're so pretty though. Tuesday, Mom and I were supposed to go to Williamsburg outlets for the day, but her diabetes medicine had made her deathly ill again on Monday night. I empathized with her, but was so mad at the whole situation. I was super pregnant woman on Tuesday afterwards. I washed the inside and out of all our windows in the house. I then left and got my oil changed in the SUV, then went to the Tuckahoe Y and walked 6.16 miles. I then came home and washed my SUV. I don't know where the huge energy burst came from , but oh well. :) I have really clean windows now. Thank goodness for the vinyl windows that easily pop in to clean.

On Wednesday, John and I went to the doctor. We heard a very strong heartbeat. We find out next Friday what we're having. We are so excited. My mom and I then went to Short Pump Towne Center shopping the rest of the day after lunch at Tripp's. I loved the Pottery Barn Kids store. They have the cutest stuff in there. Expensive, but beautiful!

Well, I have bought one thing for the nursery. We are doing the theme in Classic Pooh, but there is no Classic Pooh valance, so I got a Patchwork Pooh valance for now. It actually truly matches the nursery wall color. Let me know what you guys think.

God bless and love all of you!

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