Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello Month #5

That's right, week #18 and we're starting the fifth month, can you believe it?

Well what do we say about this weekend? I met one of my girlfriends for coffee Friday after work at Border's on Broad Street, and gasp, I had a cup of coffee! It was yummy. We pretty much caught up on everything, our pets, and I swear, I rambled on and on about baby stuff. Poor Lezli, she probably just wanted me to shut up! I do know that she is excited for John and myself however! We're too!

Saturday, I slept in a little, then proceeded to shower and began cleaning the downstairs to the house. John was NOT at home, so I actually had some time to myself to get some work done. I finished the downstairs, went to the gym, walked 4 miles, then went to Food Lion (I HATE Goochland's Food Lion!!!), and then came home. Eighty dollars later, I cleaned our bedroom and the master bathroom. You know, you just don't know the feeling of satisfaction you get from having a clean house...AAAHHH!

Sunday, John and I went to church. Our church is going through so much crap! Our "transition" team is seeing fit to get rid of some of the best ministers in the church, and it's really ticking me off. I'm so tempted to write a letter, and stand out in front of the church, and tell all the members, what is going on behind closed doors. John and I are thinking seriously about leaving Second Baptist Church. This would hurt me so badly because I've been a member there for 27 years. I love our minister, others don't, but I love Ray, he married us, and has been my "buddy" for a very long time. I would love to take some of mom's tomatoes and pitch them at Mike Ligon, Russell Harper, and Kay Congdon, the evil people on our transition team. Their job is not to boot out our youth minister or our minister of the senior citizens, but to find a new senior minister for the entire church. Trust me, I guess their time is coming and all events will be brought to light eventually.

Ok, enough about my church soapbox. I hope the three people mentioned Google their own names and they see what has been written! GROWL, I'm so angry at this whole situation. Keep the politics out of the church!

Anyway, after church, Mom and I went to Short Pump Applebee's for lunch. I got mozzarella sticks and a salad. Mom helped in eating the cheese sticks and got a grilled BLT sandwich and French Onion soup. Applebee's has improved their standards within the past year a lot. The food has been exceptional the few times I've been there. I then ventured back to Goochland to finish the cleaning job. Only two rooms left, one being the spare bedroom (the cat's refuge) and the other being John's bathroom (oh how gross!). John cracked me up however, while I was scrubbing his bathtub, he told me that he felt so guilty about me working so hard, that he was going to go mow the grass. We then went for a 3 mile walk together. We ran into some of the neighbors, but they were more interested in talking to each other than to John and myself. We felt a little left out of the loop, so we headed home. I guess sometimes two is company and three is a crowd, even when it comes to families.

Well, it seems that we may be going with my friend Missy and her hubby, and the great Griffin to the State Fair in a few weeks. I'm so excited. I need to go back to Mimi's Maternity at Short Pump to get some jeans. They had a cute denim skirt as well, that I know would do well with some leggings come fall :)

I guess I need to get back to some work here at PBS. I've attached photos of some items that we placed on our registry. One is the crib, which converts into a toddler bed, and then a double bed, how convenient. I also attached the aquarium night light for the baby, and the toy box. That's right, to see all of this, go to Babies R Us and check out the registry. Ladies, let me know your thoughts. God bless all and have a great week.

Our big ultrasound is on Friday and we'll find out the sex of our baby!!!! Stay tuned, I'll post on Friday!

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Missy's Blog said...

Happy 18 weeks pregnant!!

Wow ... you accomplished ALOT this weekend. You really should take it a little easier (Momma Missy speaking there).

I love the stuff you have chosen for the baby's room!

Have you registered for a wipes warmer? Let me know ...