Monday, August 27, 2007

Week #16

Well, hello Month #4.

Trimester Month Week

one 1-4
two 5-8
three 9-13

four 14-17
five 18-21
six 22-26

seven 27-30
eight 31-35
nine 36-40

We're at week #16, this will help me to also know where we are on the board. As for our weekend, John and I had a "date" night on Friday night and went to the Blue Point Fish Club at Short Pump Towne Center on Friday night. I got crabcakes, which were okay, and a little spicy, and John got fish and chips. I ate some of his French fries (so big shame on me!!). Saturday morning, I chose to sleep in a little and then cleaned the downstairs to the house. I then went to the Goochland YMCA and walked for 4 miles on the treadmill. John and I grilled BBQ chicken Saturday night and fixed tossed salads. A good healthy meal for both of us to eat.

Sunday, whew...what a day! We had the nursery at church and had the toddlers. We had seven toddlers to take care of!!!! They were all pretty good, I had one little boy who was attached to me the whole entire hour. He was probably a little over a year old and when I left to take one of the toddlers to the changing room, John said he just cried and cried. He was really cute however, and latched back onto me the minute I walked in the door. I looked at John later in the hour, and asked, "Are we really ready for all of this?" And like he said, taking care of seven is truly different from taking care of just one. Let's hope so! I was ready for a stiff drink after that day, but couldn't have one.

I then went by to visit with my mom because she hadn't shown up for church, and she evidently has a nasty stomach virus going around. She was throwing up and had diarrhea all night Saturday night, so I walked in their door and promptly walked back out. I cannot get sick with that stuff while pregnant, a big risk to both mommy to be and baby. I decided to come on home instead, ate lunch, and read the newspaper and a novel that I've been reading. This author is truly funny and I'm enjoying her books. She is Jennifer Weiner in case any of you readers are interested. I have to say I enjoyed the afternoon, and decided to hell with the gym. I needed a break. I also opened all my maternity clothes I had purchased from JCPenney and tried them on, perfect fit on all of them, washed and ironed, so I'm ready to roll. Regular clothes are getting tight now, so I have no doubt, one more week of them and that's probably history.

We were fortunate (NOT) to have a thunderstorm on Saturday and Sunday nights. They weren't bad, but after that doozy last week I cringe when I hear any rumbles. My poor cat Taz is petrified now. His new sanctuary is under my computer desk. I don't know why he likes to hide there, but that's where he likes to go. Poor little guy.

On another note, keep your fingers crossed, I've entered two of my photographs at the Virginia State Fair. I entered two years ago and won third place in the floral competition. I'm entering one of my pictures from our honeymoon and the other from my last post, the old abandoned shack in a black and white competition. I'll keep you posted, and if any of you adventure to the Virginia State Fair, go to the display buildings and locate me :)

God bless all and have a great week. Here's a picture of some of the storm damage last week, courtesy of the Goochland Gazette. To see the entire article, click on this link. Love you guys!

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