Monday, July 23, 2007

Whoopee, Another Week..

Flying by so we're on our way to week #12 and then I can tell the whole world we're expecting. John won't let me tell one of our friends, which is insane, especially when it was the person who introduced us. He can be the biggest ass sometimes. Actually, we're on non-speaking terms at the moment. Typical, he has to get his diggs in at least one day a week. Ggggrrr, I think it will be a sleep in the spare bedroom night tonight.

Anyway, about our weekend, it was a non-cleaning weekend this week, thank God. I did the gym Saturday after planting a bunch of flowers. I then got ready for mom and dad to visit, we cooked dinner for them when they visited Saturday night. We actually had a really good time, and Mom and I were trying to figure out how to decorate the nursery. I guess I'm going to have some furniture to sell. Wish I could do a yard sale, we both have enough crap yet to get rid of, even after our move.

Friday I had my flex day off. I went to the gym that morning and then took a shower and met mom. We went to a friend's house (my former Home Ec teacher's house) and dropped off some vegetables. We enjoyed seeing the new addition she has put on her house. I was STARVING though, so we went to Topeka's for lunch. Mom had a gift certificate from 1999, and they took the darn thing. I was surprised, but the manager and our waiter were awesome. I finally got my sweet potato that I'd been craving, and the funny part was, it didn't taste nearly as good as I thought it would :( We then went to Target and looked at baby furniture and baby decorations. I ran into an old high school classmate there and we got into a pretty hot debate about genetic testing. To each their own and sorry, I'd rather know and be able to make decisions when they have to be made. It's a personal decision, and no one has a right to judge. At least that's where I stand on the matter. Well, anyway, after arguing at Target, we went to Starbuck's for a Mocha Frappuccino. I made sure mine was decaf and it was yummy!

Sunday was church and I hung at mom and dad's briefly. I went to the gym for a while, and at one point, my heart rate went way too high. I had to slow it down to bring it back down to where it belongs. I think it hit 158, and I just slowed it down briefly to bring it back down. My OBGYN said however, that I need to make sure that it doesn't stay above 140 for more than 15 minutes, so I hope I didn't do anything wrong and our baby is still okay. I'm paranoid, but nearly as paranoid as John. He's still driving me crazy. I patted my belly last night and he fussed at me not to do that, that I'd give the baby whiplash. Geeze man, take a chill pill!!!

Anyway, God bless all of you and continue to keep us in your prayers. We did the blood test Saturday for our genetic testing and mailed it yesterday. Results will be in next Thursday when we go for our ultrasound.
Love, Cindy
P.S. Here are some pictures taken with our new digital Olympus SLR. LOVE IT!

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