Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Welcoming a short week

Well thank God we have a short week. Off tomorrow and off on Friday, woohoo!

This kid is kicking my butt. Fatigue has finally set in. I have still been walking however, my 6 miles a day. We had a little scare on Sunday with some spotting, but it went away and was very old blood, so everything still seems to be doing okay. We go to the doctor on Thursday, so lots of positive karma and prayers please.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and this crazy aerobics class at the Goochland Y, Shirtley T is teaching it and she's a hoot! It's not until 10:30, so I can sleep a little extra in the morning. Tonight I'm going walking with Mom in the old neighborhood. It should be a lot of fun. We then head to my parents for a little cookout, I may go earlier so I can lay out by the pool. White pregnant woman is not a pretty sight.

I have gotten so I'm eating more than I should, I still think we're having twins! I guess I'll find out Thursday. I ate a whole box of some cheese twist things yesterday. Shame on me, but like John said, I need to cut myself some slack. No cellulite yet though. I am not liking the fact that I'm falling asleep so early either.

We had a good weekend, I stayed busy and worked out Saturday morning and came home to clean house. It's still looking good. I then went and walked some with Mom and ate dinner with my folks. John went to a family function and I wouldn't go because he wouldn't let me tell anyone we were expecting, but spilled the beans at the cookout (turd!). Sunday we went to church and I had my chicken sandwich at the mall, walked another 6 miles and went home to the hubby. I like to give him Sunday to have the house to himself to play guitar and to enjoy some down time.

Oh well, I'll try to post some pictures soon of this week :)
God bless!

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