Monday, June 25, 2007


So, we're in Atlanta, and are enjoying our stay. I could have slept better last night if it hadn't been for someone snoring all evening.

I went to the NECC conference today and I took John along as a guest. I think we were both overwhelmed by the Exhibit hall, which I pretty much am every year. It was incredible, and so far, I've gotten 4 free t-shirts :)

Baby is doing well and so are both of us. I have been working out here daily and actually walked/jogged 7.16 miles today...I was truly proud.

Take care and enjoy the pictures. The tour of CNN was phenomenal. Find a picture of the Hard Rock Cafe. Service bit the big one Sunday night. I had reserved seating for us online and we were seated immediately, but the waitress barely waited on us at all. Anyway, ironically, the manager came over to our table to ask how our meal was, and John and I both let it rip. We got a $40 meal for nothing. That's the way we like it :)

Love to all and God bless.

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