Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another day, another dollar .....

Well, I'm here at work and have been working on buying programs for our Instructional television programming. It's that time of year and we've been busy.

I leave for Atlanta (hubby too) on Sunday for the NECC conference. It should be an exciting time, but over 20 thousand people will be in attendance. My favorite part is the exhibition hall! I get more free stuff by just setting my foot in the door. I'm going to try to get as many free Large t-shirts as possible to "grow into" while I'm pregnant. I'm hating the thought of losing my size 8 figure, but I guess it will all pop back into place. I can't wait for our kid to read all of this one day and say, "Hey mom, are you nuts?" I plan to continue the blog after the baby is born so everyone can keep up with what's going on in our family's life. This is definitely going to be an interesting ride.

Tuesday night I had another "mental breakdown." I got out of the car, and just started sobbing my eyes out. I then proceeded to hug John and really let loose. Hormones, I swear they are something to deal with! This is the second time in less than a week that it has happened. YIKES! I am just so looking forward to post pardum depression...geeze! This man obviously loves me to put up with all my little insecurities and such. I definitely have found a true gem.

I get off at 4 today because of our summer schedule and have the day off tomorrow. We are meeting our friends Linda and Randy tonight for dinner at Tripp's. We aren't meeting until 5 however, so I'm going to Burlington Coat Factory and look at baby stuff. Very early to do that yet, but I can at least look at strollers, baby seats, etc. I'm having fun looking at least. I will feel so much better after July 5th and I know that our baby has a strong heartbeat. I'm still in denial that I'm pregnant, but I guess the size of my belly tells me otherwise.

I'll write tomorrow night after I get back from shopping in Williamsburg. God bless all of you!
P.S. Find some pictures of our house :)

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